#SL Removing Scripts from Stuff

I have some older accessories in my inventory that have color changing or sizing scripts. They do not have a Remove or Delete Scripts feature. Some of the items have hundreds of scripts in them. Fortunately they are Modify-OK so I can remove the scripts. The challenge is how to get them out and not die from repetitive script deletion syndrome.

I found a way! Here is a handy tutorial for removing scripts from jewelry, shoes, hair, and whatever.

Script Library

You may know about the script library, if not you should. It provides scripts to solve all sorts of common problems. The best part is all the scripts are free for you to copy and use.

Visit the Second Life® Script Library to see what they have stashed away in there.

Removing Scripts

One of the scripts in the Library is by Dahlia Orfan and titled: Remove all scripts from a linkset.

To use the script: copy and paste it from the Library to a script. In the copy step just besure you click and drag to highlight JUST the script. Avoid highlighting anything extra. Press Ctrl-C to copy, which places it in your computers ‘copy buffer.’

In the Second Life Viewer, and most Third Party Viewers, open your inventory and find the Scripts folder. You can use any folder you want. But, putting scripts in the Scripts Folder has a certain rational logic. Expand the folder then right-click it and select Create New Script. This will create a new script in the select folder. Name the script something meaningful to you. I named mine Script Deleter. Next double click it to open the Script Editor window. Don’t panic.

Click inside the Editor window and press Ctrl-A. This will select everything in the Script Editor. Now press Ctrl-V to paste the script copied from the Library to the Editor. Next click Save. If all goes well and you captured all the script’s text and avoided getting any extra characters, the script will save without error.

If you get an error, try the copy-paste again. The script works as is. I have tested it.

With the script saved, you can close the Script Editor window. You’re done with it.

The next step is to wear or rez the item you want to remove the scripts from. Once the scripts are gone, they are gone. So, you should be working in a copy of the item. If it is No-Copy, you should be really, really, really sure you want to remove the scripts. If it is No-Mod, forget it, this is not going to work.

Right-click the item and select Edit. Once the Build Edit window is open, select the Contents tab. This will show you the contents of the root prim. Drag the script from your inventory to the Contents window. This script will run and give you some instructions in the chat window. Basically telling you to detach it, if worn, or take it back into inventory, if you rezzed it. The goal here is to rez the object after the ‘Script Deleter’ is in the item.

Once you rez the item, (wear or rez) with the script in it, right-click it and select Edit. Next select Build in the top menu. In the SL viewers there is a item Scripting -> Set Selected Scripts to Running… or something like that depending on your viewer. Of course depending on your viewer this will be in different places and possibly even in the right click menu… variety has its problems.

When you rez the objects it will tell you how many prims need to be cleanup in Float Text. Once you set the scripts to RUN, the scripts will begin deleting and the number will count down. It takes a few seconds.


This is a way handy script good for any Mod-OK items.

In regard to Mod-OK, many of the items in our inventories that are flagged No-Mod are actually modifiable. The misleading flagging comes from the scripts being No-Mod within a Mod-OK prim. The only way to know is attempt to modify the contents of the item. If you can add the Script Deleter to the items contents, it will likely work.

The Script Library is an excellent source of handy script tools.

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