Levity Magazine

I had seen Levity Magazine and vaguely know about it. But, one day Victoria Lenoirre sent a note card asking to interview me. She was doing an article on the top 10 blogs about Second Life. Top 10? I was wondering if she had that right. But, I wasn’t going to argue.

There were 5 questions. You’ll see them in Volume 7 of Levity Magazine.

Levity Magazine Cover

I’m flattered to have made the cover. Just my picture with other top bloggers… that sounds so odd. I’ve never considered my self a top Second Life blogger, still don’t. But, may be…

Inside Article & Picture

I am way impressed with Christian Marquis’ photography. I look gooood. Its Christian’s photography and skill with an editing program.

Ok… I’ve had my minutes of fame. 🙂

Levity Magazine

As I wrote, I hadn’t paid much attention to Levity until I was interviewed. I’m curious… you did notice, right? So, of course I looked at the magazine. Now I’m hooked.

There is advertising. Someone has to pay the bills. But, most of advertising is fashion stuff, which I enjoy.

They have interviews every issue. Second Life is full of interesting creative people. So, those are good.

The magazine carries a story each month… way trashy, I love it. All well written stuff so far. I’m somewhat hooked now.

They have horoscopes for avatars… well… the avatar part is my addition. They have horoscopes. I’m not that into horoscopes. They have a Cusps thing. I wasn’t born on a Cusp. But, it seems to be something I don’t see in most papers and published horoscopes. So, if you are a cusp baby this may be just your thing.

Lots of reasons to read the magazine. This month, of course, I’m in it. 😆


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