#SL Server/Scripting News Week 4

There is no roll out to the main grid this week. None of the release channels tests passed. I think this is the second week in a row they have failed. It appears the weekly restart has also been skipped.

Server Scripting Meeting

Blue Steel and Le Tigre

These two release channels are to get a new server maintenance package. No details yet.

Kadah Coba provided a link to this graph


This release channel had the server maintenance pack with llSetRegionPos() and several bug fixes. It didn’t pass the test period and so it is getting more fixes and being reloaded to Magnum.

8-Way Neighbor

This is the change that makes it possible to walk out of a region into a SE, NE, NW, or SW region without having to pass through a North, East, West, or South region first.

This code seems to be causing some problems in the Release Channels. The Lindens think they have it fixed. So, we’ll see it in the next roll out to Magnum… I think. If the fix works we should see a slight decrease in bandwidth. The error problem is eating up extra bandwidth, which some people have noticed. I didn’t… but these JIRA are up; SVC-6894 and SVC-7613.

New LSL Functions

The Lindens have been adding new Linden Scripting Language (LSL) functions. We actually have lots of new functions. The functions are mostly implemented on the servers. The viewer has a script editor. It is lagging behind. Many of the new functions are not supported in the editor. That means there is no auto-complete, spelling help, syntax highlighting, or code hints. But, the viewer will submit the code to the server for compilation. If you got it right, it will compile and run.

Viewer Lagging a Bit

The Second Life Wiki has an LSL section. It too is behind. Much of what we have learned about the functions and their foibles is not yet in the wiki.

Please visit JIRA item VWR-28065Update Viewer LSL strings, functions etc to match LL Server deployment. Click WATCH to add some weight to the item.

Andrew Linden is going to talk to someone about getting SL Blog articles on the new LSL functions.

Viewer Side Editor Configuration

Currently the viewer has a file that contains a list of LSL functions with code hints and highlighting control. The file has to be updated when the viewer is updated. It may be a better idea to have the configuration file server side. The viewer could download updated configuration versions as they become available.

Some of the functions missing are;

// Beta/Le Tigre server new functions

// Server v11.08.10.238207 new functions:

// Server v11.09.09.240509 new functions:

// Server v11.10.18.243270 new function:

// Server RC magnum v11.10.31.244254 new function:

// Server RC Le Tigre v11.10.30.245889 new function:

 I’ve covered most of these in the SL Scripting News and Updates.

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