#SL Content-Mesh Creation News Wk4

Content/Mesh Meeting

Shape Height Slider

For humans we have a pretty nice set if shape editing tools. However, when we start making non-human avatars the values we can set with the shape sliders falls short of what we need. A JIRA is being opened to request an extended range of values. Basically, taller and fatter avatars will be possible if the feature is added.

Since this is likely an easy programming change, I would expect it to happen. If there is any interst, then it might happen quickly.

I can’t find the JIRA they were going to make for this, so I can’t link you to it. I suspect they have not gotten to it as I write this.

Mesh and Alpha

There have been some problems with mesh and alpha textures or textures with transparent sections. Domsson Lean posted a picture of a case of the problem manifesting.

4 Sculpty Prim Shop

Runitai Linden says the problem is still around for rigged mesh and being worked on. For non-rigged mesh the problem should be fixed and the fix out in current SL Viewers. For rigged mesh Runitia believes they have it fixed internally. That means the fix is winding through QA and moving toward the development viewer. See SH-2779 – Hardware skinning graphic problem – mesh do not shows up.

Alpha and Transparent Texture Problems - Image by Domsson Lean

It seems with shadows on some mesh textures do not get placed in the buffer and thus disappear from the final render going to your screen.

Odd Avatar Render

Charlar Linden says they are doing lots of work around mesh. I am assuming there is optimization and problem solving work that is going on.

Mesh Studio

There are rumors of a new product for use with Second Life named Mesh Studio. I understand it will be made by the producer of Sculpt Studio, TheBlack Box. (Links to Market Place) Sculpt Studio is an in-world tool for making sculpties. Mesh Studio would be an in-world creation and editing tool for mesh. I have yet to be able to verify that.

Land Impact Costs

This one has not come up in awhile. Formerly known as Prim Equivalence the cost of mesh items is still an issue for some content creators. An example of the dissatisfaction for some is at store made from sculpties that has a Land Impact (LI) of 4 prims. However, as they tried to make it from mesh they ended up with an LI of 24. So, it is easy to understand why that person is not happy.

Some in the meeting think they could make the same building with a LI of 4.

One thought on “#SL Content-Mesh Creation News Wk4

  1. As I understand it, Mesh Studio can produce a COLLADA file on an external server from an in-world build which comprises prims (no sculpts or other mesh, although all tortured forms of prim are supported).

    As such, it’s being promoted as a bridge between in-world building and external 3D modelling, rather than an in-world mesh creation tool.

    Version 1.0 is currently available in-world, but is probably best seen as an alpha, as the accompanying notes read: “Mesh Studio is still early in its development. Expect bugs, fixes and changes for a while.” (Updates are supplied to pruchasers.)

    Even so, sounds an interesting tool for those who have complex in-world builds and want to repro them in mesh without necessarily having to go all the way back to square one with their designs.

    See: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tech%20Expo/133/138/267

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