Dolphin Viewer 3.2.2 (22185) Released

This release has a couple of notable changes. The ability to set a default material for prims you rez has been added. The feature is from the Firestorm Viewer code. And the new V3 avatar button now works in Dolphin.

The Dolphin Viewer Forum is here.

The release announcement page and link to the download is in the Dolphin Viewer Blog.

Dolphin 3 Install

Download and Install

The download is typical. The stalled copy panels still appear. But, they now close when you start the viewer. Their failure to close was a problem in my Vista 32. So, the install is nicer.


The viewer performs in the 10 to 15 FPS range, for me. If you have not seen the thread in the SL forum about viewer performance check out: How Fast is Your Viewer? – Second Life. If you haven’t already, add your information.

As best I can tell there are not earthshaking changes or additions to this version. The viewer is advancing at a steady pace.

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