Second Life Adult Content Week 39

Adult Welcome Areas

The proposals for what to do with the Adult Welcome Areas are to be in by September 30. Viale Linden says if things go well he will advise us as to the winning proposal (Proposal Reference) Monday the 5th.  That should make for an interesting meeting. If not the week after.

Viale says only a handful of proposals have been received.

Destination Guide

Reports are coming in from those people that have gotten entries into the Destination Guide. Some are saying their traffic has doubled. In last week’s article I provided information about getting your region into the DG.

I’ve added DG information to the User Group page and to the Zindra page.

Meeting Time and Frequency

Next Monday’s meeting will be at 10: AM SLT/PDT rather than 11:00 AM. This should be a permanent change. The calendars and wiki have yet to be updated.

Meetings will likely go to bi-weekly.

Meeting Agenda

The use of the agenda has been poor. I think that retards the meetings progress. Typically the meeting chair handles the agenda and keeps it up to date on the wiki. That has not been happening.

I think one problem is the agenda for this group is written in a table. For those of us used to HTML code that is no big deal. For those unfamiliar with wiki syntax and HTML it makes for an impossibly opaque editing process. Today I changed that and added a simple text agenda format to the page. May be that will make a difference.

If you have questions about Adult Content, suggestions, or topics to discuss add them to the agenda. We’ll see of Viale can make use of it.

Something needs to change. While the meetings are better they seem to drift and, like most user groups, are poorly attended.

Banned Words

An ongoing problem is finding out the words the Lindens consider adult. Use one of the magic words in a mature product and the system knocks your region or merchandise into adult. Somewhere there is a list of words the Linden systems filter on. To date it is unpublished.

On subjects like this a clear answer is often needed from a Linden to move things ahead. Either providing the list or clearly stating the Lab will not release it. People may not like the answer, but they have one.


There are some adult content OK sandboxes in SL. On the Zindra continent the public sandbox is Vortex. Residents have been working to improve it and provide users help. However, like many sandboxes, it is a favorite of griefers. With no statistical data, many think Vortex is a favorite place for agenda driven griefing. Without good supervision griefing is an annoying problem.

Private regions have better supervision as private owners can eject problem people without having to file Abuse Reports or contact support.

Premium Sandboxes

One of the advantages of premium membership is access to premium sandboxes. There is really no other advantage to premium sandboxes than the restricted access. Consider. If one is paying for an account RL identification is involved and money. People that own these accounts are less likely to be griefing and risking the account.

Premium sandboxes have fewer people. In Zindra this is a big plus for the sandboxes there.

There are four regions devoted to adult content in the northwest corner of Zindra. The names are:

  • Sandbox Bicker
  • Sandbox Colborne
  • Sandbox Goyer
  • Sandbox Teagano

 Sandbox Information

You can learn about other Second Life sandboxes in the Destination Guide – Sandboxes.

Summing Up

Movement in the user group is slow. But, some things are happening.

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