#SL 2.8 Inventory Delay

Since I installed some version of the 2.8 series viewers I have had inventory lag. There is about a 2 or 3  second delay for every click I try to make in the inventory panel. Even the scroll-bar has a delay. It is very annoying.

Today in the Mesh Volunteer group someone said, ‘Clear your settings and that will go away.’ I tried it and it worked. Now the delay seems to be permanently gone.

The same trick is supposed to work with Kirsten’s Viewer. I’ll try it later today.

Clearing Settings

Your settings are kept in an XML file. On Windows look in: C:\Users\[windows_login_name]\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\user_settings\[viewer file name]

The file name for the main SL Viewer is settings.xml. If you use any project, development, or beta viewers there will be multiple settings files. Make sure you get the right one. They have names that make it obvious which file goes with which viewer.

Slow Rez

Some time ago there was a round of viewer versions that were slow rez’n things and avatars. That problem is back in the Development viewer. Second Life 2.8.3 (237080) Jul 28 2011 04:22:42 (Second Life Development) After 5 minutes most of the avatars around me still have not rezzed. Ping=100 to 150, Packet Loss=0%…

3 thoughts on “#SL 2.8 Inventory Delay

  1. Well, I was hoping this would fix the REALLY aggravating inventory delay problem but no luck (and yes I deleted the correct settings file). Made no difference at all.

    Then tried a total uninstall, reinstall. Nope.

    The worst delay occurs when the mouse goes over the inventory window. Takes about 3 seconds before anything is even clickable, and all movement in the viewer window halts as well. As long as I stay in the viewer window things seem normal speed, but as soon as I mouse out of it the problem returns.

    Using other viewers causes zero delay.

    Hopefully this will get resolved in an update. It’s amazing how infuriating it quickly becomes. :-/

  2. This is happening exactly the same for me also. unfortunately clearing out the settings file didnt work for very long and I’m back to a very annoying and time wasting inventory delay once again…. Does anyone know of a pemanent fix for this???

    • The fix is anticipated to be the roll out of Direct Delivery. It is speculation but the idea comes from a good source.

      Also, use one of the newer viewers. I am using Dev 3.0.3 and the main 3.0.0 and neither of those have the problem.

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