Second Life Server Update Week 30a

I couldn’t make the Beta Server Group meeting Thursday. But I lucked out and Oskar got the minutes posted on the wiki. So, here is the interesting stuff.

Homestead Performance

A couple of weeks ago a problem caused the script timing in homesteads to go haywire and slow things down. This week the fix for that problem made it to the main grid. So, performance should be much better now.

Release Channels

The Wednesday roll of new code to the release channels was delayed until Thursday. Even then only the Magnum release channel got new code. This is the code that improves the HTTP service. In its first few hours Coyot Linden says it has performed well. If that is the case for the rest of the week it could roll to main grid next Tuesday.

The things to be fixed in the update are;

VWR-25940 – “HTTP communication with grid capabilities router is unreliable at times affecting HTTP Textures”

SVC-6546 – “HTTP-IN URL’s dropped after certain period”

VWR-25426 – “‘Friendlist displays users as Unknown or (loading), teleports fail, assets will not save”

SVC-6875 – “‘Failed to grant capabilities?”

Mesh Prep 2 ran into problems. It was never placed into the release channel this week. So, Le Tigre has no new code running now.

The same is true for Blue Steal, no new code.

Mesh Micro Channel

At Thrusday’s meeting there were 1331 regions in the micro channel. The top number is 1337. So, any one that wants there region to be mesh enabled for the test should visit the Mesh Volunteer’s page and request their region be added.

The Mesh channel is getting frequent new rolls as fixes are made to the Mesh code.

Other Things

SVC-7104 – Granting/revoking perms broken for non-web-profile viewers – This fix is in progress.


We aren’t seeing lots of new stuff rolling out, but the Lindens are busy getting things through the QA process. So, next week we should see new code rolling to the release channels.

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