#SL Direct Delivery

We have an approximate roll out date. This feature is expected to hit the grid this summer, first in Beta and within a couple of months the final version. It is down to weeks. So, what is Direct Delivery?

Direct Delivery is a new way to deliver products to residents in SL. We will have 2 folders in inventory. One folder for receiving items we buy and one for items we want to sell in the SL Market Place.

Arriving new purchases will arrive in the receiving folder. That will be nice. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to hunt for new delivery.

The Magic Box, now used to put products into the SL Market Place, will eventually be replaced and vanish. For a time both can be used.

Brooke Linden promises more information two weeks before Direct Delivery Beta goes live. Watch the Commerce Forum for more information. There is currently a live thread there now with several questions asking for clarification on various things. No answers yet.

Several people have asked forward thinking questions that didn’t occur to me.  Check them out and add any you may have.

I’m curious how this will affect real estate in SL. Merchants will no longer need a place in SL to park their Magic Boxes. That would seem to reduce the need for land in SL. I guess we’ll see.

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