Dolphin Viewer Congratulations

Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer

Today the Dolphin 1 viewer made it to the top of the Linden Third Party Viewer list.

Third Party Viewer Directory

This list is ordered by crash rate. The viewer at the top of the list has the best (least) crash rate. Dolphin has not been in this list because crash reporting is optional and the Lindens lacked the data to rank it. Some minimum number of reports and logins have to be received to be ranked.

The ranking is:
Dolphin 1
SLV 1.23
Phoenix (probably 1050 – 1102 is too new)
SLV 2.6.3
SLV Beta 2.6.8
Firestorm (pre-alpha)

Dolphin Viewer Download and Site – There are series 1 and 2 versions of the Dolphin Viewer. The stat is for the series 1.


These rankings are not the most accurate and your experience on your computer may be different. The ranking is a generalization across all operating systems and various video card and memory configurations. Connection quality does not factor in either.

Nor are there any of the dozen other factors that make a great viewer considerations in the ranking. So, don’t get carried away with a viewer’s position in the list.

Still the rankings do give us a clue to viewer stability. It is nice to see Dolphin make it into the ranked list.

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