Exchange Risk API?

O.O… say what? I came across this in the SL Wiki. This is a tool for those involved in Exchanging Linden money. But, it has an effect on all residents that engage in transactions. If you suddenly can’t get Linden currency, this service may be the reason why.

The currency exchanges have RL value and are the target of ongoing attempts to defraud people of their RL and Linden dollars, Euros, whatever.

Only those engaged in Linden currency exchanges can use the service. But, how it reports on an individual can be a problem for anyone.

The service is provided by Linden Lab. The Lab looks at account holder activity and compares it to the known profile of scammers. zOMG! The Lab is profiling! Relax. Profiling is a good thing in most cases. It has become a political football and gained a bad rep but financial institutions everywhere use it because it works. The service returns a Yes/No answer to the question, Is this customer legitimate?

How the Lab decides is secret. Obviously if they published the algorithm the scammers would game the system and make is useless. However, there is one thing they do say. If your payment information goes out of date, the system can decide you are a risk and return a no answer. So, if you have a problem with Lindens… the currency kind, check your account information and make sure it is current.

For more information see the SL Wiki: 



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