Burn2 – What are we doing?

In July 2010 Phillip Linden (Phillip Rosedale – CEO Linden Lab) announced that the Burning Man celebration in SL would be handled by a resident run group rather than Linden Lab. Ok. Now 6 months later I get news that I can visit Burn 2. A friends LM sent to Deep Hole and I didn’t believe that was the main Burn 2 location. So, I chase down a Landmark to get me there, which is not the easiest of tasks, thanks to the broken search in series 2 viewers. You can find it in Destinations… grumble gumble… But, my friend’s link was the right one.

The Burn 2: Burnal Equinox ends at 10 PM March 27, 2011.


Burn 2: Burnal Equinox

Burn 2: Burnal Equinox

This is not the SL Burn event you are used to. It was a frustrating trip for me. Part of that frustration was caused by me. Using the Firestorm Preview #2 (a pre-alpha version viewer) was probably not a good idea… taking pictures was a nightmare. That takes 15 to 60 seconds and drives the viewer into ‘Not Responding.’ Also I cannot fly in the region (not a viewer issue, fly is off in the region). Grrrr. But it isn’t that bad because the area is small and doesn’t take that long to walk through. The FS Preview #2 gave me lots of problems.

The image above is all there is for this event… may be I’m missing something. But, I think that is all there is. I only see one region devoted to this event. So, what is up with SL’s Burning Man celebration?

I did not figure out the deal visiting the region event. Lots of information about what Burning Man is is about RL and how that is being duplicated in SL. Nothing that really explains this event.

There is a Burning Man 2.0 group to join. You can read about living in tents and dying of you don’t drink enough water… O.O     Damage is not turned on so that is all pretend. Getting dust and dirt on my expensive N-Core heels is also imaginary, which I’ll forego imagining.

There are lots of idealistic reasons presented in the … I guess… ‘What is Burn 2?’ exhibit for joining Burn 2. May be I’m thick but walking into a solid looking black can does not seem like an entrance or welcoming. Once inside the exhibit is nice, but not that helpful. All the history, reasons to join, noble sounding duties and responsibilities once you’ve joined Burn 2 never get across why I would want to join this… thing… that is closing Sunday, today?

Is the event ending Sunday or is the region closing? I get no clues from the exhibits. Everything seems to have been prepared by those that know all this stuff and they obviously haven’t considered how an outsider without that information will see it.

Doing some research outside of SL I find the letter from Phillip, Changes to Burning Life, which gives me a lead to the current Burning Man organization: Burn2.org. Much of what I find on the site is out of date and about the October 2010 event.

Google provides almost no additional information. SL search is totally useless. You can complain about that by adding a Watch to any of these JIRA’s. Votes are pretty much meaningless now, which seems ridiculous to me. Grump grump…

Looking through the group’s announcements I find:

Now if you are wondering about BURN2 2011…We have some big plans for you, with you, that involve YOU, and absatively [sic] need you to make the BURN happen! Come to the opening ceremony for BURNAL EQUINOX where we will reveal the date of BURN2 2011 through our magic date revealer (nope, the BURN is not in June!), and find out about the theme and goals for making BURN2 2011 a truly amazing…RITE OF PASSAGE.

More digging and I find the link to the Burn 2.0 – 2011 Exhibitor’s Signup. Hopefully, the weak communication of Burnal Equinox won’t degrade the coming main event.

I guess I managed to miss the ‘magic date revealer.’ Danial Voyager made it to a meeting and heard the event date for what we think of when hearing Burning Man will be in October.

…may be nap will improve my mood… or I could go be mean to the boys, that’s always fun.


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