O2 by Machinimatrix for Go Green

If you haven’t met Gaia, you probably don’t make machinima or sculpties. I met Gaia on the SL Forums, like two forum versions ago. Domino and others were developing tools that became PrimStar and JASS. Both of which any sculpty modeler using Blender must have.

O2 by Machinimatrix

O2 by Machinimatrix

Gaia made a new machinima for an entry to the Go Green Eco Film Competition. Gaia’s flim is one of two machinima’s entered in the contest. The winner is determined by popular vote. One needs to visit 48GoGreen, signup, watch the video, and vote. I’m writing about the film to help out Gaia and we both hope good placement in the contest (winning?) will also help Second Life. So, your votes will be appreciated.

First off there is a trailer on YouTube.com; O2 – Teaser of our go green entry. Stop by and LIKE it. It uses the automated voice you’ll recognize from the video tutorials Gaia makes for Machinimatrix.org. The Go Green entry uses real voice. If you want to make sculpties using Blender, seeing Gaia’s tutorials is a must. Help out there by LIKING it.



The video’s name is O2 by Machinimatrix. It last 6:30 minutes. It’s a cute video story. I love the accents. In all I think it is well done.

The sign up at Go Green requires an email confirmation. It took may be 5 minutes for the confirmation to show up in my emailbox. After logging in click this link; O2 by Machinimatrix.

Give the video a good rating and help out Gaia. She has certainly done lots for Second Life.

Also, if you blog, give Gaia a plug. Pass the information around in SL. Here is a short bit of text you can make into a note card to hand out.

Please visit Go Green and watch the O2 video by Machinimatrix. One of creators is a fellow Second Life resident Gaia Clary. Video URL: http://www.48gogreen.com/video/463/o2

Sign up is required to vote. An email address is required.


Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds


The locations in the video are in Second Life. The Forgotten City and Parallel Words (some of my pics) are the two main places. If you have not been to them they are worth checking out. You can spend a load of time in Forgotten City.

Disclaimer: I do use Primstar and JASS, which I purchased.


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