Snowstorm Project Status Week 6

If you are new, the Snowstorm Project is about developing the Second Life Viewer. There is a mix of things going on in the project. Mostly boring bug and user interface fixes. There are a few things the Lindens need help with. read on to see if you can help.

Button Placement – some buttons are getting covered up by overrunning text and others by options pushing things around. There are JIRA’s on these. If you notice it, add your information to the appropriate JIRA.

STORM-526 – Loss of pending inventory offers – The Lindens cannot reproduce this error. That are loads of user stories about the problem and it is often complained about in the SL Forum/Blog. If you run into this problem add your information to the JIRA. If you have had this problem in the past, stop by and vote for the JIRA. Until the Lindens can reproduce the problem or figure it out from the information users post, this problem is going to hang around.

Viewer Layouts – The Snowstorm team is looking at adding viewer layouts as part of the viewer. One would have several ‘out-of-the-box’ default layouts to choose from. Also suggested, is saving part of the viewer settings with a layout. One may want to have the WASD keys for chat in a role play region and for movement in a combat or racing region. Some graphics settings and others would be make the save layout feature more useful.

STORM-642 & 643 – Enhance the Nearby List to make it a full-fledged radar replacement – This item is being worked on and tested.

Viewer Startup Problems – Seems some msvc*.dll files are not getting installed.

STORM-470 – Context menu of the arrow on profiles/landmarks goes far away when clicked. – If you are using a 2.5+ viewer the Lindens need your help fixing the bug. See if it happens to you then add a detailed report to the JIRA.

Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition Effort is going into getting the viewer to compile with the 2005 version. Following will be effort to get the viewer to compile with the 2010 version. This may get a closer to a multi-threaded 64-bit viewer.

Second Life Codeticket Service – If you are into really geeky stuff check it out. It is about build numbers for Linden software. If you are a reasonably sane resident you don’t need to know this.  Thought I would add it to kill off the curious.

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