SL Region Crossing Upgrade

The chatter is the region crossing changes are being activated today. I have yet to chase down the sources. The release notes for Tuesday’s rollouts show the rollout to Blue Steel. In world chat is that they are active on Magnum. One person quotes Oz Linden saying activation will be immediate.

I have to do some reading and searching to find out the details. Is this activation just for the release channels or the entire grid? I’ve been to Magnum. (Magnum RC Sandbox 1 — boxes 1 to 4 are the region names). I find it works well going from some of those regions and not so well for others.

Update: 2011-01-06 2:00 PM SLT – It seems the activation is for the Magnum release Channel. That is about 10 to 20 % of the main grid.

There is a meeting with the Beta Server team at their regular Office Hours, today at 3 PM in the ADITI Preview Grid, in Morris.

It seems an avatar carries 4 to 10 megabytes of data from region to region. It is unclear just what all that includes. Your baked avatar textures may be part of that. The state of scripts you are wearing is included. So, it is actually quite a lot of data.

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