Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.23

A new Experimental Viewer is out. The big feature addition in this viewer is Qarl’s Alignment Tool. \o/ Yay!!! I have an alignment tool I can use in OSGrid. Hopefully it will make it to SL viewers. There we have Prim Docker (pay for tool) a way better (but not as easy to use) alignment tool, so alignment is already possible and the new tool is not so important in SL.

The Imprudence page has the release notes. Release 2010.10.23

Alignment Tool

Using the tool is easy and intuitive. Make yourself some prims of different sizes. This is about learning so irregular sizes will let you better see what is happening.

To use the tool notice the Align choice between Edit linked parts and Select faces to texture. Click it and the alignment tool is active. Select the prims you want to align. It is not necessary to link the prims.

It is easy to see how the tool works than describe it. Try it, you’ll love it. Mikey did.

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