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Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden, has written viewer code to add an alignment feature to viewers. The code has been released for TPV Developers to use. He of course has a working viewer with the code in it. I’m so jealous…

In SL I use Prim Docker to align prims and textures. But, Prim Docker is not available in OpenSim, AFAIK, which is where I do the majority of my building.


New World Notes broke the story today: Ex-Qarl Linden Creates an Alignment Tool for Second Life Building, Offers Code to Third Party Viewers – UPDATE: Qarl on Still Working in SL & What Else He’s Working On

Qarl blogged the news Wednesday: setting things straight. But, that is the first post on his blog in a couple of months.


And vote JIRA:


2010-12-23 – Phoenix and Imprudence have added this feature to their viewers. I expect other TPV’s to add it also. I don’t see any effort on Linden Lab’s part to reach out to Qarl and Qarl is not signing the release LL needs to add the code to the main SL viewer. However, Esbee has designed an alignment tool for the SLV2’s. I have not seen anything recently to suggest when coding and implementation might start. So, for now this is a TPV feature only.

For now those in SL are stuck with using resident made tools. Of those the most professional one and one I like is Prim Docker, available in the Market Place. It does both prims and texture alignments.

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