Server Update 2010-09-28

I am surprised but today (6 AM SLT – Tuesday) they are rolling out the new server software with TCMalloc, the new memory allocator. I was not expecting this for another week or two. Apparently TCMalloc is the big change in this version. It will be interesting to see if this improves regions crossing and reduces Mono script rez problems.

The release notes are short. They don’t really tell us much… several crash modes and they don’t even mention TCMalloc. If you read them, the Conductor they mention is the watch dog that finds regions that need to be restarted and assigns regions to various servers. More work has been done on it.

There is also the Rollout System or deployment tools. Imaging copying new software to thousands of computers and updating settings. Getting this working well makes rollouts go faster and will allow rollouts to be moved to early mornings.

Will be an interesting day in SL.

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