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SL Breasts - Image by Johnie Carling

Information is leaking that bouncing boobies are coming to the SLV2. Now wouldn’t that be fun. Apparently the implementation would be different than in Phoenix and Imprudence, way different.

The information suggests that more ‘physics’ will be in future appearance editing. Items will have physics. I guess we should expect that with meshes coming. Skirts and other fabrics might need adjustable physics.

The viewer image shown is not a downloadable viewer, so don’t get excited. One must get the code from the repository and compile the viewer.

The screen capture of the new appearance editor for breast physics is from a Johnie Carling post on SLUniverse; Breast Physics. Some discussion is going on there with all the expected tits jokes. Also the open source mailing list has had some discussion about finding the code and seeing it merged to a development build a couple of weeks ago. However, no one can find it in the current development fork. The code was supposedly merged into viewer development 9/15. You can see it here. This came up in a discussion of using plug-ins with SLV2. Some thought RLV features were in there too but this RLV thing appears to be a misunderstanding of what function names mean. This appeared in the mailing list Sunday.

They say one would set the physics in a blouse or bra or may be some new item. This would allow different physics for different clothes. With mesh clothes coming I guess this would make sense. In any case one could use very jiggly for nude and more restrictive for a sports bra.

The Phoenix/Imprudence style of breast bounce is a setting for the viewer that renders all avatars the same. So, THAT guy can make MY breasts bounce however he wants. The new implementation is via wearable physics items. So, not everyone has to bounce. It is an individual thing the resident will have control over. Now as I walk along I won’t be trying to find the vertical tennis game the guys seem to be watching. I can control my breasts and not have THEM gawking at me… unless I want that.

Also, boobie gravity is more realistic. Lay on your side and gravity pulls the boobies to the side.

One has to wonder what this will do to nipple attachments. Without a nipple-attachment-point pasties and Xcite nipples are not likely to work.

Speculation of course runs to whether guys’ junk and gals’ butts will jiggle… I was going to speculate on bouncing beer bellies, but I have yet to see one in SL. I doubt we will see anything more than bouncing breasts.

While it is great fun to speculate, I would not expect to see bouncing boobies too soon.


Nyx is moving forward on getting meshes into open beta. Seems it is getting closer. You can see the preliminary documentation here: Second Life Wiki Mesh Nyx says a blog post will be up soon.

Second Life Mesh

SL Mesh Upload Panel - Beta

The mesh import controls as they are now are shown in the image.

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