Imprudence Experimental 1.4.0 Release Review

Imprudence Viewer

Imprudence Viewer

Today there is a new release of the Experimental Viewer. See: Release: 2010.09.18 to download Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is NOT the recommended stable version.

This revision had several additions. There is now a search in Friends and Groups dialogs. The search even has an auto complete, which is triggered by pressing Tab after you type in some initial text. There are instructions for use at the link above.

There are a number of bug fixes and changes. The list is at the link above.


I’m having more problems on OSGrid with the Imprudence Experimental Viewer. I had initial start problems. I did not clear the cache. That might have helped. (OSGrid)

I also have problems with sculpty textures/maps corrupting. Usually a relog fixes the problem. A change to the main release and all is well. (OSGrid) I can also reload the sculpty maps from my computer and they work ok.

Otherwise it seems to work well.

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