Emerald Viewer Update 2047

Another beta version was released May 31. I’m just seeing it. They are much better about posting their change logs over at Modular Systems.

One interesting change is the inclusion of negative chat channels… for those of us that deal with HUD’s and other scripted items that must communicate, this should make testing easier. If it allows me to select negative channels to listen to… that could recreate problems for those writing combat meters. I can instantly think of ways to easy create problems for a couple of the meters I use. I’ll have to look at that.

A command ‘cao sit’ has been added. It turns off the AO and allows whatever you sat on to control the AV animation. If you are not aware of the commands available in Emerald from chat, you are missing out. I love being able to type ‘dd 64’ in local chat and have the draw distance changed. It makes life in the malls so much nicer. (That command changes draw distance to 64m. Any value from 0 to 512 can be used. Using 0 distance and then some usable draw distance will cancel ‘derender’ selections and often fix other texture rez problems.)

There is a new texture picker… I’ll have to use it to understand their explanation of it.

More of the Emerald features in previous versions are implemented in this release; ‘derender’, the build tools, Windlight settings, temporary textures, the exporter… O.O … exporter… ok, and the number of AV’s in a region show in the world map… I thought… oh well.

There are some more fixes. The Emerald AO setting are now account specific. So, my alternate boy AV won’t look so gay if I use the Emerald Viewer’s built in AO. I still need a good way to quickly turn off the Emerald AO for play in various combat games. Several games allow the use of an AO in their games until one engages in combat. Once in combat the AO must be turned off as the AO will often override the games ‘defeated’ animation, which decoys other combatants into wasting attacks on defeated players, which is considered unfair.

Sculpty textures had a problem and often would not completely download. That is fixed.

They say they have included a can of RAID in this release for any other bugs they may have missed… what a concept. 🙂

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