Second Life Scripting Changes

Second Life residents can check out the discussion that started 12/11 on the SL blogs; To All Merchants Selling Scripted Objects – MUST READ!

Massively has a quick summary here; Long-delayed Second Life script-limitations back in the public eye

There will be lots of misinformation in the SL discussion. There always is. But, I suspect the Lindens will chime in from time to time to correct it. Avoid being reactive.

If you sell scripted products in SL, this is likely to be a problem for you.  If you use scripted objects, think adjustable hair, you may also have a problem.

What we know for sure is a new geeky addition s being added to the viewer so one can know what resources a script is using. We also know the Lindens will be imposing script limits. Depending on what the limits are, this may be a small or gigantic problem. In cases where scripts exceed the limit they won’t rez. In cases where LL does not like the script, they will return it.

So, it could be a mess.

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