Greenlife Emerald Viewer Breasts Review

Update 12/2/2009

A new version 1101 was released Wednesday. See: Emerald Viewer Review – Update

12/3/09: I’ve added an index to all the Emerald Viewer Reviews. See: Emerald Viewer Review Index

Update 10/18/2009

The 1.23.5 (950) version has been released to handle the new LL updates. Greenlife Emerald Downloads 950

Second Life Blog Thread: Female Avatar complete. End of “bouncing-Prim-Business”?

Emerald Impostures Warning: [Emerald] Imposters!

11/6/09 – Emerald License Violations – Emerald goes after abusers

12/2/09 – Second Life Inventory Loss & Recovery

Linden Lab 3rd Party Viewer registration coming: Discussion: Third Party Viewer Policy

Massively covering the issue: Linden Lab to alter third-party Second Life viewer policies

10/24/09 – Modular Systems Response: [Emerald] Regarding ‘Third Party Viewer Policy Changes’

10/21/09 – JIRA Report: Import “Breast Physics” feature from Emerald Viewer – This is about having the feature added tot he standard Second Life Viewer.

11/23/09Speed Rezzer for Emerald Review

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10/21/09 – Added Vertical IM or Chat Tabs info.
10/21/09 – Added CryoLife Detection + 10/26/09
10/21/09 – Added Emerald Viewer Manual
10/23/09 – Added Emerald Attachment Points
10/24/09 – Added WARNING: Emerald Losing Shapes

Original Post

This week Modular Systems released version 1.23.4 (904). This version has lots of new features. One the guys will like is bouncy boobies. One everyone will appreciate is the client-side-AO. Read on. (Continued from GreenLife Emerald Viewer Review)

Emerald AO

AO’s or Animation Overrides are typically prims with animations and a control list that attaches to the viewer window as a HUD (heads up display). They control the walking, running, setting, jumping and other animations by overriding the default animations. The AO’s contain little computer programs (scripts) to run the animations. The scripts add to the sim server load. Now the Emerald team has added a client side AO. Skills Hak added this feature. Running the script client side means less load on sim servers and frees up a HUD slot. Plus it expands the number of animations you can load. Scripts in SL have a size limit. Plus Linden Lab (LL) is considering limiting scripts in some way like they limit prims (think tier).

For instructions on how to set up your Emerald AO see the video and instructions in the Emerald wiki. Emerald Client Side AO – Skills Hak’s video is here and in the wiki.


The Emerald AO control panel allows one to change the animations at will. You can turn the AO on and off by checking or unchecking Override Anims and Override Sits. There is also chat commands to turn it on and off, use cao on or cao off. One may also move through stands and easily set default animations using the Emerald AO panel.

The panel does not seem as handy as the ZHAO II HUD. The panel is certainly much larger than the ZHAO HUD. But the trade off for script load may make it worth it. It certainly would help out at concerts and in combat sims.

Bouncy Breasts

WARNING: See Emerald Losing Shapes

For some time there have been add-on giggly breasts one could purchase in SL. The problem is they severely restrict what one can wear. All clothes have to be custom made for the add-on breasts. Plus it is really challenging to get a perfect skin color match.

For some time it has been known that SL had the capability of adding breasts physics to the standard Avatar (AV). The emerald Viewer has added the controls to allow setting the physics so we can actually make use of the feature. (Video is work safe. Related videos may not be.)


I think the dance she is doing is Buttweiser from the store There In Spirit. I haven’t confirmed that.

Emerald Viewer

Emerald Breast Physics Help Screen

You find the controls in Edit -> Prefernces -> Emerald tab -> Page 2 -> Effects.

This is the help screen for the Breast Physics Settings. The Control Panel is also shown.

Emerald Viewer

Emerald Viewer Breast Physics Panel

The Breast Physics control panel is somewhat hidden. It is in Preferences on the Emerald tab. Then go to the Page 2 tab. Then the Effects tab. There are 6 settings. Mass, Rebound, Friction, Max and Min Velocity, Max Z and Z Influence. These combine to make a very natural breast bounce. If you want something ridiculously bouncy you’ll have to buy the sculpty/prim breasts. If you want something more realistic, the emerald settings work well.

Of course when you get the physics set you are going to want to see how they bounce and giggle. I suggest sitting down and standing up. They bounce nicely when dancing.

Then there is the Xcite thing. The Xcite Nipples and the breasts don’t stay in sync. Try dancing and you can see the breasts move around and the nipples… stay mostly in place. It is easier to see what is happening if you have the Xcite Pasties. However, I don’t think most guys will mind.

One interesting thing is that all breasts bounce, not just yours. The setting is for all breasts in SL. So… yeah, some guy is going to give you max bounce. But, people will see whatever their setting is not his. And of course they only bounce for Emerald Viewer users.

Other Additions

There is an IRC feature in Emerald that allows you to use other chat channels. Like many of the features of the Emerald Viewer there has been little information about how to use the feature. Now there is a wiki page with the need info. Brief Introduction and how-to for emerald IRC

Think of the IRC channels as a group that only has chat and does not need a group slot.

Inventory Problems

(10/20/2009) There is a known problem of inventory items not showing up. For now there is a work-around to the problem if you want to use both the SL standard viewer and Emerald. When you install (or any time after) login and go into Edit -> Preferences -> Network tab and change the Disk Cache Location so that the SL standard viewer and Emerald do not share the same cache.

If you only use Emerald, just manually clear the cache and skip the location change. In Vista the cache is typically located in C:\Users\[user ID]\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\cache2.

Update 12/2

See this update: Second Life Inventory Loss & Recovery

Vertical IM/Chat Tabs

Emerald Viewer

Emerald Vertical Chat Tabs

I often have a problem with the chat tabs filling up the bottom of the chat dialog. When lots of IM’s are coming in several are hidden and I have to scroll to see them. Emerald allows one to switch to vertical tabs. I love this feature.

It is a little hard to find… Edit -> Prefernces -> Emerald tab -> Page 1 -> IM. Look on the right side under the OTR settings.

CryoLife Detection

CryoLife is another third party viewer. It is designed for easy content theft in Second Life. It is part of the reason the Lindens are starting a viewer registration list and setting new viewer policies. Use of CryoLife can get you banned from SL. LL has worked out a way to run content theft stings. If you get caught in a sting, it is said to result in a perma-ban.

Store owners and land owners can use Emerald to detect people using CryoLife viewers. There is an option to turn on the detection. Edit -> Prefernces -> Emerald tab -> Page 1 ->Shields. On the right bottom look for ‘Enable the active CryoLife detection code’.

If you want to add a bit of protection to your shop see the article by Kabalyero titled: Detecting CryoLife and Banning those that use it! He provides a copy of the LSL script needed (it has formatting problems – read comments for instructions to get a good copy) to detect CryoLife users.

Don’t count on these scripts to be fool proof or to work for long. It won’t be hard for pirates to change the CryoLife Viewer and disguise it so these scripts fail to detect it.

10/26/09 – The Neil Life viewer is said to now be built on top of Emerald, meaning they took Emerald and added their content copying code. When one looks at someone using Neil Life they see what looks like an Emerald viewer, which is what I’ve mentioned would happen in posts in the Policy discussion thread.

Also, don’t think that CryoLife is the only problem. Worse things are coming. Read up on SL Universe. Be sure you check out the Viewer Policy discussion linked to at the beginning of this post.

Emerald Viewer Manual

The programmers are getting around to adding Help screens to the Emerald Viewer and writing a manual. Neither are that great. Blog posts and forum posts are where you will find your best information, which is somewhat a Google Search effort manual. But, there is a real manual for the Emerald Viewer. On Modular Systems you can find the manual. There is a PDF version of the manual you can open and then save to your disk. It is one web page. It has most of the information one has trouble figuring out.

Ignore the large text telling you to pick a topic from the left… The text below tells you there it isn’t anything to the left. Is this a programmer thing?

Scroll the page for the rest of the manual. If you use Google Chrome, press Ctrl-F and type in the term you are looking for. You can select PDF in the upper right of the page and save the a PDF of the page and use Adobe Reader search.

Emerald Viewer Attachment Points

Second Life Viewers,Emerald Viewer


There is a JIRA asking for more avatar attachment points, which I think is a great idea. (Please vote for it) So, far there has been lots of debate and discussion about which points to add. No real feedback from LL.

The Emerald Viewer now has menu 0f new attachment points showing. Enlarge the image to see the list. It effectively doubles the number of attachment points. But, this does not look like the additional points many are asking for… but it just may be a matter of naming points.

One of the points many want to add is a belt attachment. The STOMACH point might do. What Emerald has done is duplicate the existing set of points. So, instead of adding a BELT attachment point we have a STOMACH 2 point. That could work.

How do they work? I mean in the sense of the viewers… does one have to have Emerald to see others extra attachments? Adeon tested the attachments using the SL RC 1.23.5 viewer. He says attachments to the new points appear at one’s hips and follow the AV around. They are not affected by AV animations. So, the extra points seem to be for Emerald users only and are not seen correctly by people using other viewers.

WARNING: Emerald Losing Shapes

Version 950 has a bug. If you have Breast Physics enabled and edit your appearance you may damage your shape file. Backup your shapes. If you have a purchased, no mod shape… I guess avoid using Breast Physics.

This warning was posted on the Modular Systems wiki and linked to on the logon screen. See the posting here: [EMERALD] WARNING! Don’t lose your shapes! They are on it but as of this post it has yet to be repaired.

However, Skills Hak says shape loss isn’t permanent and it will come back if you clear cache.

11/28/09 – It seems many people have avoided or resolved this problem by changing the cache location. See the section above on Inventory Problems.


There is lots more. I’ve been adding and I’ll add more to this post in the future.

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    • Yes… please do. Copyright law in most countries allows one to use quotes without express permission. Attribution is usually given as a matter of ethics. Quoting an entire article (as in reprinting it) requires express permission. Thanks for asking.

  1. They are such nice features, all of them, especially the additional attachment points, I’ve been waiting for that for a long time!

    But I am having such problems with the Breast Physics, I turned the physics on and instead of making my breasts bounce (Gosh that sounds so … Weird) it made them vanish, I’m guessing that’s the Damaged Skin file error, so I’ll look in to that later on.

    But nevertheless, keep up the great work!

  2. Jayvell, I turned off the Enable New Shiny and relogged, and it went away for me. It freaked me out too when I seen that hehe.. I’m having issues with other people seeing them bounce though, and they’ve set it up all right

  3. I have no more issues with the breasts any more, except that the physics do not appear to be working, even after changing everything around, no matter what they don’t seem to work, no matter what animation I do, they’re still just solid.

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