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Anyone that is creating in Second Life now has the ability to export the things they have created in Second Life to Open Sim. For instance, in SL I have a house I built and a number of other things. I do not own land in SL so I really have no place to put the house. But, it would be fun to put it in OpenSim and landscape around it. I could make much better pictures, if I decide to sell the house.

I run my own little Open Sim world. But if I build something in SL, I have build it again in my Open Sim. If I could export it, I could build once and use twice.

Clothes I’ve made are not a big deal. Those I can easily take to Open Sim. But buildings and prim based things are a different story. At least until now. I’ll be playing with this over the new few days.

To export your builds from SL to Open Sim get the Meerkat Viewer.

See the viewer here: http://www.meerkatviewer.org/

See the Import/Export Instructions.

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