Second Life: Updated Slink Bodies

Today I got a notice that Slink updated their Physique, Hourglass, and Male Physique bodies. The update is free. Visit the store and click the Re-delivery terminal. You’ll be sent to a web page with a list of the Slink things you have purchased.

You’ll get a new copy of your Slink body. I was using a body labeled v2.8 and a HUD labeled v2.7. They say this new body is compatible will all the stuff I bought for Slink so far.

The biggest visual changes are in the HUD. It is now 4 panels instead of the single panel with everything in one place. There is now a panel for; Alpha, Layers, Skin, and Effects.

Slink Body v3 – New HUD – Alpha

There are several changes and additions. The big change is in alpha layers. How the body areas are divided up for masking is a bit different. I am undecided if it is better. It looks like it may be. I’ve had a number of problems trying to mask the previous body to work well with mesh clothes. Backless and open sided dress were a pain.  Continue reading

Slink Hourglass

A new Slink body is out. See:

This new body is for those that want a more curvy body than they can achieve with the prior Physique body.

Slink Updated Update

Today I got a new update to my recent update. This brings my Slink Hands to version 2.1. When you wear the hands you get an update shipped to you. It lands in the OBJECTS folder. You need to unpack it.


♫ by Lana Quicksand, on Flickr

The hands, Utilities HUD v2, and the OmniHUD v6.1 update. I think the alpha layer remained the same. I can’t see a difference. I have noticed that the hands don’t fit the same as the previous version, at least with my shape. I’ll have to tweak my shape again. Or it may be SL acting up again. I’ll give it a day, may be two, before I start changing my shape.  Continue reading

Slink Updates 2015 Week 10

Slink hands and feet got a new update. This update changes how various appliers work with the hands and feet. This is the announcement:


Monday,02 Mar 2015 15:38:00 GMT

As some may know, Slink released a big update to their hands and feet. This also means that designers have also had an update. In order to use the NEW POLISH HUDS you must UPDATE YOUR HANDS AND FEET. If you have hands or feet older then this last weekend, be sure to go in and have them redelivered to you so the new polish appliers for slink hands and feet work. Yes old huds will work with the new hands. But new huds will not work with old hands. ~Zoz

Second Life Bits 2015 Week 09

Freeze Frame Bug

It seems there is a bug in the SL Viewer. Yeah, I say that like there is only one… Well, you’ll see this one if you take a snapshot using Freeze-Frame and then close the camera panel before your release Freeze-Frame mode. The only fix at that point is to relog.

Slow Render @ Server-Scripting UG 2015-09

Slow Render @ Server-Scripting UG 2015-09

Once you relog, open the camera panel (Ctrl-Shift-S) and turn off Freeze-Frame. You don’t have to, but I would probably forget it is enabled and take another picture, close the panel, and have to relog again. Continue reading

Physique 1.4 release official announcement!

From Slink’s official announcement (quoting and paraphrasing):

Thu, Aug 28 2014 11:39:30 AM PDT

Physique 1.4 is now available at the Slink Mainstore. If you own this body, please visit the redelivery terminal to get the new version sent to you. If your purchase is not on the list, please contact Slink Resident for a redelivery!

Slink Free Dress

Slink Free Dress

The new body has a few very nice new features, and resolves some of the issues experienced by users of the previous version.


  • Resolved a small geometry issue that was causing “ants” (small gap) around the neck seam between the body and either the visage patch or the SL default head, on lower Antialialising settings.
  • Resolved an issue with the weights on several vertices on the underwear layer that was causing it to clip through the clothing layer on the pelvis region.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Visage neck patch to throw an error when the Neck Fitting buttons were pressed on the Alpha and Clothing Layers HUD.

Continue reading

Slink Visage Heads Released-Review

Slink released the new mesh heads as promised this past Saturday. I didn’t get to check them out until Monday night. They are interesting. But, they are not for me. I do think they are really nice. They show what our avatars could be.



There is some interesting slight-of-hand tech used in making animated mesh. Any animation or change of a mesh shape is done by making each mesh shape somewhat like drawing each frame of an animation. Then making the shape one wants to see now visible and all the other shapes invisible. When ready for another shape the currently visible one is made invisible and the newly desired shape made visible. This technique makes for really high polygon count items. I can’t tell if that is what is being done with Slink’s heads. But, it is the only way I know to change the shape of a mesh item.

The weights of the two heads are shown in image #1. Don’t pay much attention to the Land Impact or Physics. I did not bother to make a physics layer for my import of the SL Avatar head. So, those numbers are distorted.  Continue reading