Google Chrome: Your Profile could not be opened correctly

If you are seeing this problem, it is annoying. The fix that Google Chrome Support recommends is a disaster. One loses all their browser data, bookmarks, passwords, etc. For someone that researches online that would be a disaster.

Google Chrome Error: Your Profile Could not be opened correctly

Fortunately, there is a fix that may get you going and save your data.

The Google Support fix is here: Create a new browser user profile. I don’t recommend it except as a last resort.

Google Support has a troubleshooting guide: Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed. These are good steps to try, but don’t wipe out files or your profile.

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Google Chrome Failing

I use Google’s Chrome. Recently I’ve been gettin lots of “Oops Chrome Crashed” and “Unresponsive Page” errors. Also my browser seems to go into slow motion. It seems event my New Tab pages crash. So, whatsup?

Chrome Dying

A bit of Googling and I find others are having the same problem. there is a thread titled: I can’t kill a chrome process that has become unresponsive. Then I realize this problem started in 2009.

For most this is a problem that occurred when using Windows 64-bit. I’m using Vista 32-bit. Both Vista and Win7 users seem to encounter the problem. The problem runs from 2009 to late 2011. I’m having it now, so I suppose I could say it runs to now.

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