Second Life & Virtual Reality

We are getting closer to hands on. The Oculus Rift is to release in the first quarter of 2016. At this point I think the first round of pre-release technical challenges has been met. So, any possible delay would be from manufacturing and supply problems.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is in production the supply of display screens for the Oculus should be adequate.

Unity and Unreal, game engine platforms, are both announcing support of HTC RE Vive. This means game developers can move away from having to develop support for the various VR headsets and use the support provided by Unity and Unreal. This saves developer’s time and means new games will move through the development pipeline faster.  Continue reading

Magic Leap – Google’s World?

Magic Leap

Yahooo is working on a virtual reality product. So, it should come as no surprise that Google (et al) is working on one too, or at least investing in one to the tune of half a billion dollars. To get an idea of what the investors are thinking check out this video. In the video below, you never see the scare, just the reactions.

In the video the people know they are in VR. Imagine putting on augmented reality glasses, a Google thing already, and having the scary monster in the room with you…

Cierra Anatine, at SLUniverse, points readers to an article about that project. The article has quotes from people in tech and entertainment. I think they have been reading the comments about Oculus Rift and are subconsciously quoting… all sounds very familiar.  Continue reading

Drax Files Radio

Drax Files Radio

Drax Files Radio

A new Internet type radio show is coming. Inara Pey is involved and promoting the show on her blog. I gather from her articles she has been instrumental in getting Drax and Jo to go ahead with this project. See the latest here: The Drax Files Radio Hour blog launched. The original, I think, announcement is here: Drax Files Radio Hour launches in January.

From Inara we learn Draxtor Despres, of Flufee and World Makers fame, and Jo Yardley, creator of 1920’s Berlin in Second Life™, will be hosting the show. Both Drax and Jo are pretty much pro Second Life™. So, I see the coming of this show as a balance to the negative energy of the Metareality’s podcasts.

I think people have always needed multiple sources of information. Humans tend to be biased, prejudiced, and often have an agenda. That is not necessarily a bad thing. But, it does make it hard for us to see things without our particular colored glasses. Between Metareality and Drax Radio we can probably get a more accurate picture of Second Life. I am looking forward to how this goes. Continue reading

More on 123D

I just found 123D Catch and wrote about it in: New 3D Modeling Tool – 123D Catch Review. 123D Catch is a program that runs on iPhones, iPads, and desktops. It allows you to turn photos of an object into 3D models that can then be ‘printed’ as real physical models. Of course Second Life™ users would use the result as 3D models with textures for import to SL.

However, 123D Catch is only part of a suite of 123D programs being created by AutoDesk to capture the consumer design market. We have new technology like Cubify 3D Systems that can turn 3D models into real life objects.

The suite of programs is free and consists of:

  • Catch – Uses photos of real objects to generate a 3D model.
  • Design – Create 3D models on your Mac, PC, or iPad
  • Sculpt – 3D sculpting
  • Make – unique projects using incredible slice or fold techniques.
  • Creature – Used to create… well… creatures.


The Catch Video:

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Desktops.  Continue reading

New 3D Modeling Tool – 123D Catch Review

I came across an article on a new way of building 3D virtual worlds. (Thanks Hamlet NWN) Well, may be not so new, it came out in 2011 I think. But, the process, new to me, is being used to create the independent adventure game: Rustclad. The development team has a video out showing the process they are using and early scenes from their game.

You can see they are using a more organic style than we typically see in Second Life™. Sculpties were introduced to Second Life to enable the creation of this more organic style. I am not sure we have ever taken advantage of sculpties as intended by the creator of them: Karl Stiefvater (Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden). May be I’ll ask him some day.

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Just Interesting – EVE Online

I saw today that EVE Online made gaming news. I have friends that play EVE. I like EVE but, it doesn’t suit my time limits. I am, however, impressed by a recent battle in EVE. The video of part of it is below. It runs 18+ minutes. You can watch it in full screen.

You may not know much about EVE. It is obviously a space game evolving space ships and fleets of ships. Now Gamer describes it as:

In short, it’s a cruel world where deception, piracy and scams run rife, and if you don’t have a smart head on your shoulders, you will likely get eaten alive. The learning curve for new players is mountainous, but those who survive the first few months encounter a unique world rarely seen in gaming.  

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Olantica Grid

I got a note that a new grid is around. If you’ve been To Olantica grid tell me what you think of it in comments.

This is an OpenSim world. Other than that I don’t know much about it. However there is a web site with a bit more information. See: Olantica – Lost Wolrd. They have a currency  So, one should be able to buy and sell between the VW and RL. That also means one has to trust them with their financial information. But, they do have free accounts.

Read the ToS. It does not inspire me to buy currency.

To point your viewer to the world use these settings:

Grid Nick: Olantica
Grid Name: Olantica
Login URI:

Login In Page:
Helper URI:

For direct information contact the founder: Leslie Kling

AvaCon Abandons SLCC 2012

AvaCon is the group that arranged the Second Life™ Community Conventions. They provided the service to Linden Lab™ via a paid contractual arrangement. This year the contract terms were unacceptable to AvaCon. They are not saying what the deal buster was. Of course I haven’t heard anything out of Linden Lab either way.

Whether the Lab will retain another company, arrange the event in-house, or just forget it, we don’t know. But, it doesn’t look good. Someone will have to be hustling to arrange the convention.

Daniel Voyager apparently noticed the post on AvaCon’s blog. He has an article about it: SLCC 2012 Cancelled, which seems a bit overly pessimistic to me, but he may be right.

I am sure someone has a call into a contact within the Lab to see if they can get a statement. I don’t have those kinds of contacts within the Lab. I won’t give up all hope until I her something from a Lab spokesperson. I also won’t be betting against Daniel’s conclusion.

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