Second Life: The Ghost Town

The Ghost Town is a free-to-play MadPea game. Canary Beck is writing about it. See: Merchants: A chance to get out in front of new Second Life residents, which is a comment on marketing.

MadPea needs merchants to provide prizes… gifts… for a hunt that is part of the game. For details see Canary’s article.

…and this video has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was neat.


Canary also has an article on body shape, men’s and women’s. How men and women draw up the “perfect body” in Second Life. Interesting.  Continue reading

Ebbe Altberg Interview… another?

Yes, sort of. Ebbe was on a panel at a get together  (Web Summit) in Dublin, Ireland. The Guardian, a UK news  outlet, lead a panel to discuss what might happen if machines could read and understand our emotions.

Little Prayer [Just last the year]

Little Prayer [Just last the year]

See: Is virtual empathy the ghost in the machine for AI? – Tech Weekly podcast. Jo Yardley points out in her coverage of the discussion that Ebbe comes in about the 17 minute mark.  Continue reading

How Virtual Worlds Will Take Over Real Life

From a speech by by Philip Rosedale, former Linden Lab CEO – 28 minutes. Philip uses Second Life to show what is happening in virtual worlds and how it will affect society. His thinking is interesting and in some ways a bit scary.

The video is the basis of an NPR show TED Radio: Why Build a Virtual World? Follow the link to see the video. I can’t embed it, only the audio portion, which is 9 minutes. The video and audio have different content. Both are interesting.

NPR/KPBS presented a radio show titled Screen Time. Philip Rosedale was a guest for the show. The audio above is also here: KPBS: Screen Time. The video is where some of the sound track for the show came from. The video is more interesting than the audio. The radio show has more context and less content, the audio is only 9 minutes long. It is worth checking both.   Continue reading

Second Life in the News

Second Life™ gets a load of bad press. Now and then someone writes an intelligent piece. Mark Hay has written an intelligent piece: Second Life is Staying Alive. And the images used in the article are recent 2014-2015 images. Wow!

Second Life Staying Alive

Second Life Staying Alive

So, I think this article is worthy of our attention and support. It does put an interesting spin on Second Life and why it remains an active place.

The site this article is on is GOOD, a magazine for the global citizen.

Rosedale Interview

Philip Rosedale the current CEO of High Fidelity and former CEO and founder of Linden Lab/Second Life was interviewed. Ciaran Laval has an article up on the interview. See it here: Philip Rosedale At Gigaom Roadmap – Sci-Fi, Virtual Worlds And Beards. The original Gigaom interview video and article are here: The gap between virtual reality and sci-fi is shortening. This is mostly video, 30 minutes. At the beginning it comes across more as a setup promo than an interview, IMO. But, becomes apparent they are explaining HiFi to an audience that likely doesn’t understand virtual worlds or Second Life(TM).

Blood Letters #19

Blood Letters #19

Ciaran has done a good summary of the interview video. So, I’m not going to redo it here.

An interesting point to me is Philips take on people being able to self govern. In today’s world people are taught it takes a strong central authority to govern. About 240 years ago the American founding fathers thought people could self govern and built a structure to limit the power of government. Seeing similar thinking in this day and age is surprising.

Another interesting concept is the idea of creating a system that is open as possible. This means open source, open content format, and very much a free market.

Humor AND Dark Sex?

This article is an interview with an adult content maker in the BDSM community.

Everyone likes sex… I think. Mixing it with humor is like chocolate with cherries for me, way better. Some prefer a much darker experience. And that darker part leads me to Myrylyn Shinn and her sometimes humorous and always dark Frenemies.

Myrylyn Shinn

I’ve only done a couple of interviews from the interviewer’s side. If you are a regular reader, you know I am more into news and tech oriented. But, I need a change from time to time. I play in some dark RP games. That and my coverage of Adult Content caught Myrylyn’s attention. Her role play and toys are very dark and was curious if I would cover her creations for the adult community. So, in this interview I hope you can experience the talented and fun Myrylyn. You will see the interesting mix of her humor, dark role play, and toys in her Frenemy Fashion blog.

I want to point out this is NOT a paid promotion.

I first knew of Myrylyn when she IM’d me and asked if I wrote about adult topics in my blog. As you know, I do. I try to keep things safe for work. I do have articles about Zindra, where I live, and Adult Content. I think I’ve kept this safe for work. I’ve labeled links that lead to NSFW pages to avoid surprises.

Myrylyn IM’d me wanting to talk about and show off things she is making for the adult community. At first I’m thinking penises… which I generally find interesting. So, sure. Show me yours… I suppose meeting a woman and imagining she has a collection of penises on display somewhere is pretty much a Second Life thing… or maybe that’s just… never mind. Whatever, I had no idea what I was getting into, I teleported over to talk with her.

When I arrived, Myrylyn and her friend Thessally were building-testing a new Myrylyn toy. The ball gag may have had something to do with Thessally having little to say. As I rezzed I was wondering if I had gotten in over my head. The toy Myrylyn was building is The Frenemaker (NSFW). Yikes! A change of my mental gears was needed.