Ebbe Altberg Interview… another?

Yes, sort of. Ebbe was on a panel at a get together  (Web Summit) in Dublin, Ireland. The Guardian, a UK news  outlet, lead a panel to discuss what might happen if machines could read and understand our emotions.

Little Prayer [Just last the year]

Little Prayer [Just last the year]

See: Is virtual empathy the ghost in the machine for AI? – Tech Weekly podcast. Jo Yardley points out in her coverage of the discussion that Ebbe comes in about the 17 minute mark. 

The first part (0-8:30) is about using machines as therapists.

The second part (8:30-13:30) is about endowing machines with empathy. Commercially a company like Toyota would like to detect drowsy driving. This tech watches a face and from facial expressions figures out an emotional state.

14:00 – Privacy. Camera is recording facial expressions. Risks of misuse.

Third Part (17:30-26:00±) is Ebbe talking about Project Sansar. Starts by explaining what SL is and the money moving through it.

19:00 The will to create.

21:30 Will VR increase empathy?

24:10 How are people effected by virtual worlds?

25:30 Does violence in games cause people to be violent?

27:00 Oren Fran (?), thinks Facebook, Instagram, and other similar services will be looked at as the cigarettes of our time and will be avoided…

An interesting discussion. There is nothing new in what Ebbe is saying. He does provide more information on how virtual experiences transfer to RL.

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