Photoshop 2020 June Update & Tips

Bridge – In connection with Second Life™ I use mostly use Bridge (content manager), Photoshop (image editor), and Premiere (video editor). Bridge has improved. And a Transparency feature for thumbnails has been added.

New Thumbnail Transparency option

By default, the feature is enabled. So, you should see a difference when an applicable image is shown in Bridge. The preview image shown now looks more like what we see inside Photoshop. The image below shows the new display and various options.

Transparency Option fully enabled

There are three options; both off, Show Transparency, and Show Transparency Grid. Above has both enabled.

With only Show Transparency enabled you see a dark background

Disabling the Transparency Grid changes the transparent part of the image to a dark gray. This is great for checking for image halos. But, it is awkward to change between transparency settings. I expect this to be changed and some easy way to move between the settings added in a future release.

Both transparency options are off

With both options disabled the transparent part goes white. Not has good for checking for halos but, it will have its uses.

Placing Images – Many of us are attempting to make very crisp images of our SL photos, high resolution. When combining images that means paying attention to the base image and inserted image’s resolution. Photoshop provides an option to control how images are inserted; resized or not. When ‘not auto resized’ is the option, an image is placed at 100% of its original size. Otherwise, it is fitted to the canvas of the image it is inserted into. See Edit->Preferences->General.


There are a number of improvements I think will make use of Photoshop easier to use for those of us in Second Life. Nothing really orgasmic. But I am looking forward to playing with the new features.

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