2020 Sansar Update

I’ve not spent much time following Sansar. I was disappointed to hear Linden Lab was laying off staff on the Sansar side. I wasn’t surprised. The VR hype is dying down and reality is setting in. This hype-to-real cycle seems to have moved slowly compared to other new tech cycles. Things are quiet.

Ebbe, Linden Lab CEO, is in this video talking about Sansar, as are other Lindens.

Jo Yardley posted about this video on her blog, which is where I found out about it.

This documentary does a good job of telling us where Sansar is. Some of the imagery from within Sansar is awesome. The chained economy is something we need in Second Life.

It looks like VR is not going to happen as the hype was claiming. It seems business adoption is driving VR, not gaming. Do you realize we are 10 years down the road from the Rift Kickstarter?

However, the barriers to VR-entrance are lowering and adoption is steadily moving forward. The hype is definitely gone. You can still find it if you look. If you aren’t looking for VR info or in some way involved in VR then you likely aren’t hearing about VR.

Surprisingly I find that as of September 2019 it is Samsung and PSVR that hold the larger shares of the market. Yay! I have a Gear VR. I still don’t see much support for it. It is still a pain to set up and get a game or whatever working with my headset. The headset is hot and messes up my makeup…

When I went looking for information on the state of VR I didn’t find a lot. I follow 2 or 3 VR blogs. They are VR fan sites for the techy types. So, I had trouble getting an overview. I found the article Are Gamers ready for VR? If you want a bit more and some links to, even more, check it out.

So… Sansar seems to be ready for use. I did some exploring and see they have gotten around to providing support for Blender. I’m taking a Blender 2.8 training course at udemy.com. (Changing from 2.7 to 2.8 was getting frustrating on my own.) Now I have my next learning goal of figuring out how to make clothes for Sansar… or I may get distracted…

The help files for Sansar have improved a lot since I last looked. That is a good thing. These are a couple of links into the info. There are more links on the pages.

3 thoughts on “2020 Sansar Update

  1. It’s sad, but I can’t imagine it’s surprising to anyone who’s been following Sansar’s development. It was too little too late, and other VR-capable platforms beat them to the punch.

    I think VR is still going to be big, I think it’s time in the mainstream hasn’t even happened yet, and I think the big metaverse-VR game is still going to happen, it’s just a matter of who makes it first. Stuff like VRChat is popular but it’ll fall to the side once someone actually makes “Second Life, but in VR” properly.

    It’s a shame it couldn’t have been Linden Lab themselves, but the moment they said that your inventory wouldn’t carry over from Second Life, I felt like it was going to be dead on arrival. 10 years of existing content would have given them exactly the leverage they’d have needed to compete.

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