Breaking: Slink Update

There is a Slink update out. I started seeing people talking about it in the Slink, Classy gear for classy babes group.

Slink Versions – It is hard to stay current unless you refer to this page: Slink Versions. It provides the version numbers for the latest versions of hands, feet, body, heads, and HUD’s.

As of late 3/6 or early 3/7, depending…, there is a new ALMOST release from Slink: Petite Augment Pack. The ‘almost’ means info has leaked, but the item is not yet in the Slink store. As of 3/7 @ 3PM SLT/PT.

New Slink Item – Petite Augment Pack

I suppose this is an enhancement for itty-bitty-titties… Is this a new trend or is Siddean Munro just swimming upstream? I don’t know. But, I’m not a fan of blimp size breasts. I think B and C cups are best. So, I think this is pretty neat. 

OK. That is new. So, what updated? According to the Slink peeps…

Update March 06 2018

  • Updated chest area to fix seams issue and make compatible with the Petite Chest Augment
  • Fixed a small glitch on the tattoo layer of the Hourglass Left Arm
  • Updated scripts to make compatible with Petite Chest Augment
  • Updated the Physique Utilities HUD to include a tab for managing your Slink hands and feet
  • Changed the default glossiness from 51% to 75% to make the sheen more obvious.

Regarding the feet, we are told…

  • Added the ability to turn off the hands and feet individually via the Hands and Feet Utilities HUD
  • Added the ability for these feet and ankles to be individually turned on and off via the Physique Body Utilities HUD
  • Fixed an error on the tattoo layer of the Pointe Ankle

The part to read carefully is the “…ability for these feet and ankles to be individually turned on and off…” That is the ankle and foot are individually turned off/on. Previously the Off Tab turned off the feet and ankles, the whole foot attachment. Now you need to turn off two parts to totally hide the foot.

Seems there are people asking for how to turn off parts of the feet rather than just take the feet off. I think it makes sense.

As for hands, the last update was in October 2017. Nothing new this time.

However, the handiest part of the update is in the Slink Body Utility HUD. It has added the Hands & Feet HUD as a page in the Utility HUD.

The new page in the v3.05 Body Utility HUD.

This eliminates the need for the individual Hands or Feet HUD’s… Unless you only bought hands or feet.

Doing the Update

The Slink part is simple. Visit the store and click the Redelivery Terminal. You’ll see a web page with your purchases listed. Click to get a redelivery. Unbox and wear. Simple.

Of course, it isn’t that simple. We have our perfectly arranged inventories, not, and our smartly designed outfits, not. But, those are our issues, not Slink’s.

You can now spend hours replacing all the Slink parts in all your outfits. Or… you can get smart and learn to use the inventory tools we have to do mass replacements.

My suggestion for updating is to create a Nude Outfit. This is the base from which all other outfits can be built. So, I put on the new Slink parts. OMG, I’m white. I have a YS&YS skin that has a Slink Applier. Click. I’m back to my preferred skin color. Way easy.

With Dynamic Slink Hands, I only have one set of hands to color. If I had the Deluxe set of feet, I would only have to deal with one set of feet… I think. But, I have flat, medium, and high feet. So, I have to put on (add) each set and apply the skin.

Now I have my new slink parts colored. Next dig out the Omega Installer. Repeat the skin-process of putting on all the Slink parts and click the Omega Installer. You can wear the three styles of foot and update them all at once. Now I have my new body with all the latest Slink tech.

Outfit Updating

This is the way time-consuming part if you do NOT use the viewer tools or fail to think it through.

Outfits use links. So, a load of outfits will point to the previous version of the body and HUD’s. To update those outfits we need to keep the previous version of the Slink body parts and HUD’s. If we delete them or write over them, we are screwed and stuck with manually updating the outfits.

So… I make a new Nude Outfit using my new parts and HUD’s. I named this one, !!Nude 2018-03 VIola Slink305 GAEG Jen 32k.

The ‘!!’ forces the name sort to put it at the top of the list. Well, with my other ‘!!’ outfits at the top in alphabetical order. In this outfit, I use my base mesh head, GA.EG Jennifer. I include my Slink nails, body, and hands AO HUD along with my Jennifer Head and Facial AO HUD’s. These are the things I need to start getting dressed.

There is the obvious date I made the outfit, 2018-03. Then the skin used, Viola. Then the Slink body version, Slink305. Next the GA.EG head and last the ACI cost.

I have kept my previous !!Nude outfit. It uses the previous Slink versions. With this outfit and the new one, I am ready to start updating all my other outfits. If you are smart about outfits, this is easy.

Basic Steps

Open Appearance, Outfits. In the old !!Nude outfit I find the first item that needs to be updated. Right-click it and select Show Original. This will open the Inventory panel and show the original item highlighted. Just to see how many copies of the item needs replacing right-click the item in the Inventory panel and select Find All Links. This is usually a Wow moment for me.

You could now right-click one of those items and select Replace Links. But, with the list of links showing the next step would be awkward. So, we need to get out of that. Right-click in the Outfits panel and select Show Original. This will correct the view in the Inventory panel. Now, right-click the item in Inventory and select Replace Links. The Replace dialog opens.

Firestorm’s Replace Links Dialog

With the inventory panel showing your stuff find the new item that will replace the old one and drag and drop it in the lower field, NEW. Click Start. The viewer will process all instances of the old link and change them to the new one.

Repeat for each item that needs to be updated. It takes less than a minute to make the updates in my inventory with 50k+ items. I do advise you to empty your Trash before doing the updates. You’ll save a few seconds.

So, the Replacing part of the update took me like 15 minutes and I was writing this at the same time and listening to the OAN news… so with distractions. I was updating about 60 to 120 outfits that use about 10 Slink things and/or HUD’s. So, about 1,000 items were being updated.

Clean Up

At this point, you may be ready to go in and delete the older versions. Don’t get overly eager.

Before you delete any previous versions, click the item you plan to delete and right-click Find All Links. Do this for all the items in the folders you plan to delete. Attempting to delete an item that has links should get you a message that some outfit is using the item. But, the viewer has been known to get confused. So, play it safe… or not. Depends on your confidence in whether you got all the links updated.

If you screw up, it is repairable. The repair may be tedious, but it is straightforward.

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