Third-Party Dev UG Meeting 2017 w40

Rider Linden filled in for Oz Linden for this meeting. Rider is the guy doing the Windlight changes. So, he generally has his head buried in EEP and apparently isn’t that much into general viewer status. We didn’t get much detail.

In server news, the first stage in sending to only to verified email addresses rolled out. Next will be a server roll and viewer change to enable/disable the checkbox in the viewer for Send Email. The server will tell the viewer to disable that checkbox in Preferences if you have not verified the email address you use with your Linden account.

Next meeting November 3rd.

For Alex Ivy, the 64-bit viewer, the Lindens are working on a potential fix for the texture crashes.

Another voice update is coming.

The 360-snapshot viewer is getting a change to the interest list that will improve 360 images. The change has to do with the viewer NOT dropping things behind you from the rendering process, as it does now.

There was some discussion about the pose feature of the Black Dragon Viewer.

This mod in the Black Dragon viewer is only visible in your viewer. Others cannot see the changed poses. But, for photography it is great.


2 thoughts on “Third-Party Dev UG Meeting 2017 w40

  1. The Black dragon pose feature is different than the possibility launch animations in local mode instead of world mode which is already in the official viewer?

  2. I’ve just seen that there was a video above about those settings, so I guess that I have my answer 😊

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