How to Search… 12 Tricks

I found some things I didn’t know…

If these are new to you, the tips should make it easier to find things.

Now… if they just worked on SL searches… (the site: trick does, but not as handy as I would like.)

3 thoughts on “How to Search… 12 Tricks

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  2. Sometimes I go to and then use the following search pattern. bento head

    Going through these thumbnails is faster than waiting for the marketplace site to load the next page of results. Then, I could then use the tools option to specify a date range for the images assuming newer postings to the marketplace will show up within my recent date range.

    Some other approaches are…
    – Use the image that has something of interest within it as a “Search by image” through It’s the camera looking icon that’s inside the search field.
    – Search Flickr for the item of interest by including it with the tag “secondlife” (no quotes) or sometimes the term “second life” (in quotes).

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