2 thoughts on “Medhue in Sansar

  1. Definitely looks interesting, and it obviously needs plenty of community feedback to improve it. I like how it tends to pre-load an entire scene (experience) and that is something I would like to see brought over to SL.

    I did notice and this is of particular interest to us SL users is the obvious plummet in frame rates when he loaded into Drax’s scene due to the number of avatars there…..wonder how it will go when (if) they allow custom avatars etc. Of course, it’s still beta but its a big thing to watch for us who endure lag currently at events in SL, and let’s face it when there is only you on a sim/parcel in SL you get awesome fps right now with complex scenes (depending on your hardware obviously).

    Also I wonder is it a limitation of Sansar that no one without a VR Headset can not interact with the environment or is that how some one has built the scene ie. only catering for people with a VR Headset?\

    Overall really neat video and its looking interesting at least.

    • The headsets are probably less a problem than the controllers. Since the controllers are tied to the headset, it looks like the headset is limiting factor.

      I think the preloading is going to be a problem. If the Sansar platform is to be used for commercial promotions (Ford, Chevy, etc.), the experience has about 7 seconds to be up and displaying. Otherwise, people click away.

      Then there is the advancement of Sansar to mobile devices. The page download size and speed are HUGE factors in search placement.

      LL doesn’t have Sansar there yet. I think this beta is more a test of the base system and I suspect a load test. They’ll build on top of this to move to the other areas; web and mobile.

      But, that pre-loading may turn out to be a deal breaking problem.

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