AvaStar Updates to 2.0-RC12

Apparently, an AvaStar update was released July 3rd. I’m just seeing it today. Download – You have to have purchased AvaStar for the link to work right.

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Love is free

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8 thoughts on “AvaStar Updates to 2.0-RC12

  1. Please note: The recent updates are results of our ongoing tests for the upcoming release. The updates are not meant to be installed urgently by users. Only those who suffer from the fixed issues will probably know that the update is available or look frequently for an update that might cure their issue(s)

    So, when anything must be updated urgently we will notify the users right away. Otherwise we are heavily working on getting the release done as soon as possible. We are close… i hope

      • thats why i do not announce them. Of course they are meant to be better, but i have to choose between

        – update frequently and keep users informed about every update, and possibly make them crazy.

        – collect many more fixes before updating the next time but then frustrate users who have reported issues.

        -update frequently but silently, and only announce when an important fix was released. And users feel uninformed.

        We felt the method “update frequently but silently” is the right thing to do at the moment.

    • Thanks for the quick update, Gaia. I really appreciate it. I’m in a bit of a situation having recently received the Maitreya dev kit, it’s in a v2 rig so I can’t update the rig to work with any version right now. In the latest one (12) once the rig is updated the body doesn’t move with the bones.

      I’ll be patient. I’m more than grateful for all you do for us as it is.

  2. AvaStar isn’t saying much these days. I have had trouble with getting it to work with the Maitreya mesh body dev kit. The latest version of avastar breaks it. When I update the rig to RC 12 the body doesn’t move with the bones. I’ve dropped notecards on Gaiya and her customer service rep but haven’t heard back. I’m sure they are super swamped trying to get v2 released but must be running into many bugs.

    • Click the AvaStar tag. I’ve had trouble getting AvaStar to update rigs as it should. You’ll see some of the things I’ve tried and what I’ve done and AvaStar peeps and Slink peeps recommended. I expect Maitreya has similar issues as it is likely more an AvaStar issue.

  3. Well, we see no more serious issues with the update tool. There is one oddity with rigs that have edited “spines and COG and Pelvis”. Depending on how the bones are shifted in edit mode things may behave unexpected (not wrong). But we have improved this a bit, so the next update should behave more understandable (and still not wrong 🙂 ).

    One other thing maybe causes some trouble right now: in the update tool there is a snowflake icon next to the update button. This icon should be disabled by default. I just found out that the Avastar default setting is wrong here and the icon currently is enabled by default. Please disable it. That should help for the Maitreya (and most other devkits as well).

    If there are other issues then it would help us a lot to send us tickets. Ele is poking me all the time when she sees that more then 2 people suffer from the same issue.

    But the very first thing that must happen is: Tell us about the problems. Otherwise i am doing videos instead of fixing bugs 🙁

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