Adobe Premiere and After Effects Changes

The new release of Adobe’s various products change the way we work. I think it is a great improvement. I am still learning how to change my work flow. This video gives you an idea of the important changes.

I used the latest Premiere CC 2017.1 to create my CCUG video. My YouTube uploads are here.

I can make all the video in Premiere now, including opening titles where I usually use a still processed in Photoshop. I do have to save a still shot of the opening title to use on YouTube. YouTube never allows me to choose the frame I want to use. Their three choices always suck.


2 thoughts on “Adobe Premiere and After Effects Changes

    • The problem with existing and old guns in SL is lag.

      There are the projectile guns that actually rez a bullet and throw it. These create horrific lag.

      Then there are raycast guns that work like guns in other games. The Lab added those 2 or 3 years ago. But, they are harder to program to work like a real gun and cooperate with game meters. So, it is mostly on the gun makers now.

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