Linden Lab Announces Invitations

This morning an announcement appeared on the Linden Lab Press Releases page: LINDEN LAB BEGINS INVITING CREATORS TO SANSAR, THE PLATFORM FOR CREATING SOCIAL VR EXPERIENCES. (8/31/2016)

Linden Press Release

Linden Press Release

The Lindens say ‘more than 6,500 people have applied’ to participate in what I’ll call the beta phase of Project Sansar.

This will be a rolling invitation. Some will be invited now. More later and even more with time.

If you haven’t applied and you are a creator, there is a link on the PR page.

The opening day will be sometime in early 2017. I expect that will be when I get in for the first time.

While none of this is really new to those of us in SL, it is a milestone that it is happening now.

An interesting question is how tightly NDA’s will these invitees be bound?

4 thoughts on “Linden Lab Announces Invitations

  1. Linden has invited me few times in a few secret projects in the past. They would claim they want to hear our feedback and solutions how to make things better. They rarely listens and maybe take 1 or 2 out of 100+ suggestions. Most of the time was done poorly. Doesn’t improve it till it actually caused problems with people’s accounts and credits or inventory.

    It has always caused me depression and despair of hopes for its future.
    I think I’ll pass this time around. I’m better off helping other “game” developers.

    • That could happen again. I will point out that has not been the case with Project Bento. The Lindens have worked development of Project Bento in a very cooperative way.

  2. Project Sansar is focused towards creating VR experiences. So I think people with VR gear will get the first invites. I don’t own a VR kit of any make yet except Google cardboard.

    On a lighter note, I would not mind a tightly knit NDA as long as I can get an early invite to ProSar. Lol

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