Today is the day. If you are a kickstart supporter you should be getting an email with the download instructions. I got mine today. Click the enclosed link to Humble Bundle then choose Steam or GoG. I went with Steam. If you haven’t used Steam for a time, I haven’t, their directions aren’t that easy.

Obduction Delivered

Obduction Delivered

Where is Steam’s download? The menu path is Top Menu: Games->Activate a Product. Enter the key given at Humble Bundle.

Once activated the game is in your Library as Obduction. Now install it to you computer by playing it.

Estimated download time 4 hours… per Steam. This is going to vary depending on your connection speed and the load at Steam. I have a 30-50Mbps download speed. It took 30± minutes. It looks like I averaged 3MBps (24Mbps).

Disk space needed: 15GB. If that is an indication of file size, then this should have been about a 50 minute download. By default it installs on the C:\ drive in Program Files (32-bit).

When I did the first run the Microsoft VC Redist Package and DirectX had to install, a 4 step process. That took another 15 minutes. So, I was up to >45 minutes.

When supporting the kickstarter there was the offer of a download and a DVD. I haven’t heard of anyone receiving the DVD yet. But, physical delivery takes time. I’m sure Cyan is shipping cheapest way possible. So, it is likely to be a few days before anyone sees a DVD.

There is a discussion about the release on the Myst Online Forum: New Release Date 8/22. My email arrived today 8/24 – AM PT. Some are having problems getting the download.

I had to update Steam and ‘restart’ my computer. After that things have worked well so far. Before that it was impossibly S L O W !  The restart fixed it.

The reviews on Steam are 96% positive. So, 28 of the 29 reviewing liked it. We’ll see how those numbers go.

I’ve found out how it runs on my Core2 Quad and GTX 560. My new i5 and GTX 1060 has a problem. The first power supply was DOA and I plugged it into the motherboard without testing the PS. Doh! That may have cost me a motherboard. Didn’t take long to find the PS was bad. But, I’ve been troubleshooting components ever since I replaced it. Today I am ordering a new motherboard. 🙁

Obduction™ does run pretty well on my old computer. I need to close everything then start Steam. A fresh restart helps to. Running Chrome and Obduction is a disaster.

Things get a bit jerky from time to time. If you have played in SL in a crowded region, it is about the same. So, I’ll be playing on my old machine until I get the new one up.

Oh… and it is gorgeous on my GTX 560. I really want to see it on my GTX 1060.

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