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The preview grid has been and is a problem for many users. At Thursday’s Beta Server UG meeting some attendees were able to use Last Location as their login destination. For a couple of months that has not been possible.

I can now use Last Location, sometimes. It depends on the region. I cannot

Not Enuff Love

Not Enuff Love

Server Updates

This week (21) we saw a security patch rolled out on the main channels. Without announcement the package had been rolled out to an RC channel earlier, possibly in week 20.  It was rushed past the announced Minor internal improvements. No visible functional changes to Second Life package. This package was announced in week 19. It failed to make it out of QA in week 20 because of system problems interrupting testing. So, we would expect it to roll out in week 21. Now it appears it will roll out in week 21.

The Lindens aren’t saying much about the security patch, which is normal. It was referred to as preventative… but, how do we define preventative? Were they preventing a possible exploit not yet found by griefers or preventing any further exploits already in use? We’re not likely to find out.

Looking at the package descriptions in Release Notes…

The week 20 roll out,, was described as Minor internal improvements. No visible functional changes to Second Life. The package rolled to the RC channels this week (21) is and described as: Fixed a new server crash that was found last week.

So, was 16.05.12 the security update? Or was it rolled into the security update? It is unclear and probably doesn’t matter. These changes should all improve the reliability of the system, but provide no new features for users. Nothing to see… move along.

Dan Linden expanded on the changes in 16.05.20. He added, “Fix for BUG-10979 [Bento] Scripted attachments attached to the new enhanced skeleton attachment points show as worn on “Invalid Attachment Point” in the script limits floater, Adding more checks for per-agent script limit, and Internal improvements.


Dan elaborated a bit about Bento going live SOON, saying, “And by live, I mean the server component that will allow the upload of Bento meshes animations that have additional bones. The Bento Release viewer is still a ways off. You’ll need a Bento Project Viewer to see Bento content for now.

If you look at the first few minutes of the Bento meeting (week 21) you’ll see the mess that a horse avatar is. It distorted in my new Bento viewer. But, non-Bento viewers will see something looking like that.

Also, notice the Reset Skeleton feature in the right-click menu. I pop it up in the first few minutes of the video (which isn’t up yet, later today. Adobe is giving me problems. I’ve been updating as I write this hoping to fix a JPG import error in Premiere.)

The Reset Skeleton is a fix for an older problem. We have had ‘deformers’ is SL for as long as I can remember. There are a number of ‘un-deformers’ around that accomplish the task now handled by the Reset Skeleton feature. Distorted skeletons are a long time PITA. Now there is a fix. It is only in the Bento viewer for now.

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  1. “[Reset Skeleton] is only in the Bento viewer for now.”

    It is also in the experimental branch of the Cool VL Viewer (v1.26.19), since the latter got the Bento code backported to it by me.

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