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Let me know if you start having problems with this site. I have been upgrading the security. About 2 or 3 PM each day I see the site slammed by remote sites sucking gigabytes of content out of my site. I’m not sure why they would want it. Nor do I mind that they take it. I do mind that they overload the web server I use and make the site way slow. So, I come in each day and disconnect those that are behaving like bots… continuous dozens-of-requests per second.

On The Sunny Side of the Street

On The Sunny Side of the Street

I’ve been changing robots.txt and adding ‘slow down’ instructions for search engines. That helps with the big well mannered engines. But, not the problem bots that have been hitting.

I’ve been blocking the networks the most abusive bots use. But, doing that without restricting legitimate users is complicated. So, it isn’t a good solution. Neither is blocking individual IP addresses. The bad guys just change IP.

So, now I am trying some new software. It is in learning mode. So, I’m ‘completely’ sure what all it will decide to do.

7 thoughts on “Site Changes

    • That idea came up. But, no. I’ve fixed other hacked sites and it wasn’t hard to check and clean this site. Even with a new WP install and no plugins the site was being overloaded.

      • No , no blog .Not much I can say that would interest anyone. I love reading yours, and your tutorials are awesome.

        I trust you know a great deal about how to handle a blog and the security issues around it . It would be an interesting subject by itself at least to me. You have a great talent in writing.

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