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Hamlet has an interesting survey up in: In Survey, New World Notes Readers Overwhelmingly Interested in Trying Project Sansar This Year. 65±% want to check out Project Sansar. 23±% are undecided. 10±% are NOT interested.

Open up your heart .......

Open up your heart …….

Since Sansar will be free to play (visit), the 23% waiting to hear more makes no sense to me. I’m waiting to get in so I can see for myself. I’m far too jaded to trust anyone’s opinion more than my own eyes and firsthand experience. If you are waiting on more information, isn’t that an interest? 

The 10% peeps not interested are a curiosity to me. Isn’t a  new world like the one you do like a point of curiosity?

May the answers are a matter of semantics…

Hamlet points to a previous survey/poll he took about how many of us want to get a VR headset. It and this poll suggest that most of us will be trying Sansar without VR… That will be the case for me. I’ll be upgrading my computer then watching VR headset prices. I expect I might use a new S6  or 7 to try VR. But, it will likely be 2017 before I decide to buy or not to buy…

The hype on VR is definitely cooling off.

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  1. About the 10%, I may be part of them if Sansar is not available for Linux platforms, which is to be expected given LL’s total disloyal stance towards Linux: they use Linux and Open Source software on their servers (saving a HUGE amount of money), but they don’t want to repay the Linux community with support for this OS… Shame on them !

      • With (a tiny part of) the money LL saves via the use of Linux on their servers, they could hire a *single* Linden to port their client software to Linux (I’m maintaining the Cool VL Viewer *alone* for 9 years and do so on my sparse free time: a single Linden working full time on Linux port/support would be more than enough !).

        It is not a “limited resource” issue: it’s greediness and disloyalty. Period.

  2. I moved my aim and interest back to High fidelity, it’s still alpha. it’s open source. it’s cheap. it’s not under control of the USA or LL. Also you run your own server and host your own content on your own server or …..

    And with High Fidelity i have at least a picture and some feelings. And a bigger point, High Fidelity can run and i think on apple to. only on both platforms you need to compile it yourself. But am a windows user. so you need to check it yourself.

      • Yes, the money part and placenames re usa parts. But the cannot complete shutdown your domain and lose everything. Something that seems to happen in secondlife.

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