OBDUCTION Getting Near Release

If you are a long time reader, you know I came from the Myst gaming community. I am a big fan of Myst Online: Uru Live. Cyan Worlds the maker of Uru has been working on a new game for a couple of years: OBDUCTION.

Obduction Release

Obduction Release

Game Tyrant has an article about their experience with OBDUCTION at the Cyan offices. See: Exclusive: We Played OBDUCTION, the Spiritual Successor to MYST and it is Brilliant

That Spiritual Successor idea apparently comes from TV Tropes. I suspect Cyan will copy what they consider their winning strategy in the Myst series. I do believe that is probably an accurate label to hang on OBDUCTION.


I suppose winning is debatable. Myst is an all-time great and bestselling game prior to The Sims coming along. But, Uru Live, my favorite, never was a financial success. No traction with players. It was my first MMO as a kid.

Dustin Orgill the author of GT’s article started out with Myst as I did. The thrill of meeting Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan, and Ryan Warzecha, production manager (?) – Obduction, is obvious.

Dustin has camera shots of the computer screens. The graphics look awesome, but we can’t really tell. But, all the new games have awesome graphics. Obduction is using the Unreal 4 engine. So, it should be gorgeous. A significant part of Cyan’s talent has been in making gorgeous worlds.

The best part of the news is release is targeted for Q2 2016. I’ll have something to do as I wait for Sansar… well, I’m not really waiting. I do visit SL several times a week.

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