First Impressions of Black Desert Online

I’ve managed to level up to level 15 and only get killed once. The game is fun. While some describe it as a sandbox MMO I would not suggest providing that description to Second Life™ users. Black Desert Online™ (BDO) players will not be wishing they knew Blender or Maya better. Nor have I seen what we would call ‘in-world building tools.’

Black Desert Online Map

Black Desert Online World Map – Small Part – March @016

While BDO is pretty much what I consider a typical buy-to-play mission and leveling game with the expected grinds, it is fun. There is a huge amount to learn and not much in the way of tutorials, well not in what I consider my usual sources. I should also say ‘English’ tutorials. There are lots of Japanese tutorials. I’ve also found that the US version of the game (English?) is different than the Japanese in minor ways. That button I need isn’t where the Japanese tutorial shows it. So, is that a language version thing or just changes in the game? I don’t know. But, the button ain’t there. 

Information on the BASICS is hard to find. I’m way frustrated trying to find how to put spells and potions into the on-screen equipment slots. In my search for information the usual places are failing; forum, wiki, YouTube, etc. The game is too new. But, Reddit… surprisingly this is one of the better if not best sources for beginner information. See:

I expect the English tutorial situation to improve now that more English speakers have access to the game.

All your weapons are level free. So, as I level up this character and find really good weapons I can keep the second best in storage. When I start my second character at level 1, it can go to storage and get a good weapon to start with.

My Rhaekor Alynnia Character

My Rhaekor Alynnia Character

I like the character creation but I haven’t spent much time with it. I’ll work harder on my second character. You get 4 characters and they can share equipment. Your ‘family’ of avatars shares a sort of common closet, not inventory. If you are not carrying (inventory) or wearing (equipped) something, you can store it where your family of characters can get to it.

In the Character Creation Phase

In the Character Creation Phase

BDO has had its startup problems. You can Google for those. Lots of people are pissed. I think my pre-release goodies were sent to the wrong server :/ There is a 1.5GB patch that is out and the servers had to shut down last night. Things are supposed to get straightened out by the end of March.

Between work, partying, and fixing this blog I haven’t been playing much of any game. But, if I’m in BDO you’ll find me on the UNO server around Velia as Rhaekor Alynnia. In the BDO forum I’m Nalates.

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