Catching Griefers/Cheaters

In Second Life™ we have griefers. I think that is because cheating in Second Life isn’t really possible in the word’s common sense of usage. It’s that long term debate about whether Second Life is a game that I think drives use of the word griefer. If it isn’t a game, how can you cheat? It pushes us to more precise language.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online

However, in Black Desert Online™ (BDO) there are cheaters. Recently they have been causing a problem. Apparently a number of us sent Massively Overpowered links to a video of hackers at play. No one was hearing anything back from Daum in response to complaints, so put it on Massively. Result: Daum, the creator of BDO responded and is now following up with a hunt for hackers. See: Black Desert Turns to Its Playerbase to Hunt Down Cheaters for PrizesContinue reading

Black Desert Online: What do People Think?

BDO has officially been open to western players for a week (opened 3/3/2016). People are giving out opinions like they pass along a cold. Massively Overpowered presents 9 takes on the game opinions. See: Black Desert Impressions from Around the MMO Blogosphere.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online – [Apparently using DoF]

Everyone seems to love the graphics and beauty of BDO. One can press Ctrl-U to hide the user interface and take screen shots. Pressing Prt Scr will send a screen capture to your My Documents/Black Desert folder. Continue reading

Black Desert Online: Setting Up Quickslots

Playing BDO I find that some of the simplest things are the hardest to figure out. Or maybe I make it hard by over thinking it. I spent time over a couple of days trying to find this answer.

Black Desert Online launches have begun

Black Desert Online launches have begun

Setting Up Quickslots

At the bottom-center of the screen are the ten keyboard shortcuts for the keys 1 to 0. The game allows you to set those to what you want. Well, they can be for healing potions and in some cases for fighting moves. Not much else. I found there is lots online about why not to use them for anything other than potions and what’s best to put where. What they didn’t tell me is how to set them up.

Those that played the game while it was still in Korean, had to figure it out. But, now it is so common place to them it doesn’t occur to them to mention how you set them up. Whatever, I’ve never seen it done this way… it stumped me.

BDO Quickslots

BDO Quickslots

Setup is sort of Drag-n-Drop. In inventory click and drag an item off its square in inventory. Now you can let go of the LMB… or not. Move the item over the Quickslot you want it in. Left-click that space and the item pops into place. You can’t just click-hold, drag, and release the button. You have to click on the space where you want to put the icon.

You will see the item in inventory and in the Quickslots. If you take the item from inventory, it will disappear from the Quickslots. So, you can’t poke those things into storage.

My problem was, I expected it to be the Drag-n-Drop style I expect. I left-click and drag the icon all the way to where I want it then let go. That doesn’t work. It didn’t occur to me to left-click once more, which will snap the icon in place.

First Impressions of Black Desert Online

I’ve managed to level up to level 15 and only get killed once. The game is fun. While some describe it as a sandbox MMO I would not suggest providing that description to Second Life™ users. Black Desert Online™ (BDO) players will not be wishing they knew Blender or Maya better. Nor have I seen what we would call ‘in-world building tools.’

Black Desert Online Map

Black Desert Online World Map – Small Part – March @016

While BDO is pretty much what I consider a typical buy-to-play mission and leveling game with the expected grinds, it is fun. There is a huge amount to learn and not much in the way of tutorials, well not in what I consider my usual sources. I should also say ‘English’ tutorials. There are lots of Japanese tutorials. I’ve also found that the US version of the game (English?) is different than the Japanese in minor ways. That button I need isn’t where the Japanese tutorial shows it. So, is that a language version thing or just changes in the game? I don’t know. But, the button ain’t there.  Continue reading

Black Desert Start Up

As of February 28 UTC 08:00 Pre-Order Packages can be downloaded. Today I downloaded mine, at least started. The first download is about 49MB. That bootstraps to a 32GB download.

Black Desert Login

Black Desert Login

My router is pegged to max traffic most of the time, but few collisions. My 50-70mb (not MB) connection is running at only 1-5mb/sec for this connection. So, it looks like their server is busy and this is going to take about 4 hours.  Continue reading