Blog Problems


This site went down Tuesday morning. The cause: several people are hitting the site causing problems.

You may have seen the site changing and going off-line Tuesday.

I was in the process of changing things and hardening the site. I thought I had it well protected, but I guess not. It should be harder now. Instead of using several different protective apps I’ve consolidated to one.

I thought I might have to block blocks of IP addresses. So, I was worried I might block some readers so I advised, “If you get blocked from the site, contact me in world.” But, I haven’t has to. I do block some single IP addresses.

There are a couple of search engines I’ve never heard of that abuse the site. I’m tweaking settings to slow them down.

I am slowly replacing plug-ins. I have to remove all the plug-in files and replace them with factory versions. That is tedious. I was surprised to see some of my apps hadn’t updated in 6 years. There were no new versions. I suspect this is where my problem got started.

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