The Great Purge of 2016…

There is also the idea that the type of ToS enforcement seen in Second Life will be part of Project Sansar. Therefore, they better get SL ToS enforcement fixed in SL or Sansar will fail. Right. Really!?! When have you ever, or even heard of, checking how a game company enforces or not their ToS before trying it?

It's probably best you dont know...

It’s probably best you dont know…

Next, if Sansar is more platform than virtual world, more WordPress-ish, why would you think the Lab would be enforcing it’s ToS on the users of your game rather than you the content/game/experience creator?

Does Unreal enforce their ToS on me for the creator’s use of their engine? No. They require the creator to place certain things in their ToS that protects Unreal. But, my agreement as a user is with the creator/author of the game/virtual world not Unreal. But, Unreal only looks at what the authors using their engine do with the software.

My point being that who binds us to a ToS in the Project Sansar realm is a gray area of supposition. We don’t know what the Lab is going to do. We are all guessing. But, there are a collection of Chicken Little types that will use this argument to try to convince the Lan, or someone, they should change what they are doing.


While this was seeming to be big news in SL, it isn’t. Those of us that have marketplace stores and other investments in SL are concerned with these issues. Many of us are going to see the smoke and look to see if we need to take protective action. That inflates the importance of this drama and gets more people talking.

I’ll close with what I think is the most pertinent post in the thread.

The most authoritative word…


Originally Posted by A____h

It might be good to do that anyway, but the thing is: I never AR’d anyone. I typed a warning. Now we have three threads of angry people 

Did anyone ever stop to ask about that “team” I talked about? And how exactly they were doing things? There wasn’t an AR involved… at all.

I was wondering why people were so upset at me until someone explained who JLU were and how they used to abuse the AR system to get people banned, and I thought, “Oh no wonder everyone is mad, they think I’m doing the exact same thing.”

Skills has received clarification from my friend yesterday. As of yesterday evening, she now knows I was never behind her getting in trouble because she was told that to her face. If you keep believing her lies, that’s on you.

As I said before, I know A____h’s petty attempts at getting me into trouble with false content theft allegations and other ridiculous claims about ageplay and whatnot, had nothing to do with my ban. I’m not sure what she means with “clarification” because there was none, nobody told me anything “to my face” and I doubt she even has “friends”, so no idea what she is getting at. There has been no official communication with LL but my ban was swiftly undone and everything has been restored to normal. In short: A____h is full of shit. And she did her best to convince everyone on SLU and Plurk of that fact. Astounding how someone can be insecure and attention-thirsty enough to come up with a story like that. Anyways, it’s nice to watch her getting roasted now that everyone sees through her bullshit and realizes what kind of person she really is. She’s been behaving like this since I met her years ago, and it was the reason she got booted out of Insilico and other communities.

This whole insane construct about Moles and Linden connections and doing god’s work inside her head is going to get her into trouble, in fact I am going to report her right now for claiming to be associated with Linden and threatening/harassing people, and I suggest you do the same.

I actually had many friends at LL since very early on and I know Lindens adhere to a strict code of conduct inworld, they would never ever risk their job to get involved with some random self-absorbed maniac SJW who clearly doesn’t even know the TOS or CS and conducts herself like a teenage edgelord on the forums, craving for attention.

Moles are selected, popular, mostly oldbie FIC creators who are under NDA and are not even LL employees, they are part of the DPW Project and are simply content creators, some even work for free. The Mole name was simply chosen because it was cute! It’s not Mole in the secret undercover agent sense, you raging moron. I’m good friends with some of the people in LDPW and know their Mole accounts, they are all good people and LL picked them not only because they are good creators, they also wouldn’t act like complete assholes and make LL look bad by pretending to have any sort of power over residents and playing JLU.

So yeah Report Abuse > Harrassment, name is A____h L_____e.

And say hi to your OUTRUN friends from me.

Posted by: Skills.

[A____h is blanked out because I don’t want to provide her any notoriety. If you really want the name, and think about why you do, you’ll find it on page 6 of thread.]

PS: See: Victims of the purge that Linden Lab promoted last week.

Cool Victims of the purge that Linden Lab promoted last week

As many of you may know, last week Linden Lab took the decision to ban a purge and many creators, including me! Until now Creators as WarmAnimations Lisa, Teager from Breeder’s Choice, Stormm Firecaster from Anam Cara Designs {ACD}, Mileia Dubrovna from milena doll Creations, Andretiger Allen from Primal Needs and Im quite sure many more have been victim of this purge!
I got Released because thank God I’m kind of famous and I have good friends like Stroker Serpentine and Froukje Hoorenbeek [which] never stop to talk about the case in many forms here in Plurk, even Strawberry Singh talk[ed] on Face Book about it. But I know that still have honest content creators banned because of this purge! And the “answer” I got from the Lab about my case was really far from clear
I hope we all together we can join forces, for them [to] release each one of us who was banished unjustly! And we have a clear answer as to why! And of course after all this a purge within the lab where this tremendous mistake was made! Please if you got also banned used this forum to let us know and help you to be back in game!
For me this war is not over just because I was released! For me this was only the first battle! The war will not be won when each one of us be released and with a clear and formal answer about this purge! Of course there must be consequences in the Lab and someone will have to pay for the damage the reputation of so many creators, which was soiled during this time!

6 thoughts on “The Great Purge of 2016…

    • Wake up and look at how it is being used. It was sold using ‘good intentions’ as marketing. Those of us digging deeper see what is happening. Just today: Washington Examiner: FEC decision would end witch hunt of Drudge. Without Net Neutrality there wasn’t even the possibility of such a witch hunt. It was all and only First Amendment freedom of speech. Net Neutrality preempted that and thus the Freedom of Speech lawsuit in progress now.

      This is another reason a strict Constitutionalist is need for the American Supreme Court. Progressive judges are allowing the removal of Freedom of Speech in numerous places and over riding existing rights.

      While the FEC currently looks to be exempting aggregator sites like Drudge, they are proceeding with looking to control other news sites creating original content.

      You need a better source of news…

  1. This PURGE makes no sense…..Though, based on other evidence, I don’t think it is over content….

    There have been other recent bans that have been under the radar, one that comes to mind that was permanently suspended was found after appeal to be due to irregular activities with lindens earned inside SL, moving large sums of lindens between accounts.

    It is suspected that the bans were over selling of lindens privately outside lindex. Remember sl makes a good amount of money off the sl exchanges, plus there is government pressure for proper taxation for money taken out of sl. The thing is, not many will actually own up publicly to their actual violation… so take that into account.

    none the less…What this has done is made anyone who has put many years into sl, and has created content or grown some biasness is now in fear of getting a random permanent ban with no explanation and little recourse.

    these cases we are not talking about greifers, or Thieves, we are talking bout long term content creators. High profile persons who participate in the sl community.

    Just the fact this was done and no public word from sl, and these persons having no explanation as to why they were banned just highlights how much sl has lost touch with its actual user base. Though the lack of explanation to those banned doen’t not surprise me.

    I have gone thought he appeal process myself. I had the unfortunate experience of having my account suspended for several days. after which I got access back… I did follow up with an appeal, even though I had access back, as there was no explanation as to why I was suspended other then I violated a tos. In that the responses I got back on appeal were extremely vague, referring to violations in which I had no knowledge of. There were no specifics, just that I had violated a rule, with no explanation of exactly what it was that I did.

    It took months to get details and Linden Labs was not very forthcoming what the details, they just assumed I knew why I was suspended. Frankly, I think the persons replying to my case actually had no idea why I was suspended.

    As it turns out, the violation was actually a false report on something the person handling the violation did not fully understand.

    If those banned int he purge broke some TOS, and did receive warnings. The way sl communicates there would be no way for them to know what it is that they were actualy doing wrong. It is a system that’s set up to not correct the problem.

    The strange thing I have noticed is that SL hasn’t taken down the stores these animators have. if it is there content, they why is it still being sold on MP

    SL would be best served putting out a pubic statement on recent rash of high profile bans, This is a public relations nightmare for sl, Word has gotten out. Most regular users of sl know someone who was effected.

    Personally, having grown my own little business in sl, i am defiantly exploring my options. and as someone else pointed out, this isn’t doing sl any good for promoting their new platform. if were going to change platfoms, then why go with a company that treats there members this way.

    • We have past experiences of vigilantes and griefers targeting people to cause them problems. We have experiences of businesses falsely attacking their competition and some of those cases have made it to RL courts.We also know we have griefers, pedophiles, thieves, and others that should be expelled. Mix in the people and computer system dealing with these people in what must be a depressing job… I’m surprised SL survives.

  2. With the amount of Drama Skills Hak created releasing a fake CopyBot prevention system CDS, and Data Mining, I am glad this person got banned, they ruined my life, and life of my friends many years ago getting falsely banned for using Neil Life, when using Emerald Viewer, Refused to remove bans, So basically I did end up copybotting, and I never got banned for it I created accounts for the sole purpose to get revenge on many merchants running CDS…

    Today if I ever got banned again for any reason by any network ban system that is supposed to prevent Copybotting I will do it again, and I do have the ability to clone full meshes, re-upload to SL and give it out as freebies, as well as use false information and payment info and there is nothing anyone could do about it…

    Simple Answer, I respect Merchants, I spend thousands / hundreds of Dollars, but my Group of people will not put up with Evil People in SL and anyone who is warned to cease actions and refuses.

    Its Great Linden Lab Banned Skills Hak for this reason, and Zfire Xue, Now they need to ban Ash Qin for re-listing the stupid thing on the marketplace.

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