Second Life on Flickr

I’ve chosen to save some time by getting images from Flickr rather than shooting my own for my blog. I still do photography, but less of it shows up here. Most of it never makes it out of my computer.

The pine stays green in winter .. true friendship stands strong in bad times..

The pine stays green in winter .. true friendship stands strong in bad times..

As I look through Flickr for images that sort of fit the articles I write, I find lots of wonderful images. Some times I think more people should see and share them. I hope displaying their images here helps them gain some deserved recognition.

Unfortunately many on Flickr post their great images with all rights reserved. The Flickr ToS gives Flicker the right to display them, but not me. So, here are some links to interesting images most of which I can’t legally display.

You’ll see the images I like in my Favorites. (sometimes NSFW)

On those All Rights Reserved images, many of those are used in the author’s blog articles. They appear in Flickr before appearing in their blog. They need the Flickr link to include it in the article. Thus the restrictive copyright so it will be new for the article.

I think others just aren’t aware of copyright issues and without much thought or study choose the more restrictive forms. I think those I linked to are in a group that have put some thought and study into their decisions. So, we are unlikely to see some of the better artists/photographers change how they copyright images.

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