Second Life Viewer Update Week #25

Last week (#25) was the Third Party Developers meeting. We have interesting things to talk about from that meeting. Since I am doing short periods of writing between my Norco inspired naps that news will out in a series of short articles.


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RC Second Life VMM Viewer version is out. (NMM = Viewer Managed Marketplace) The comment in the release notes says, “This viewer allows Merchants to manage inventory associated with Marketplace Listings from within the viewer. In addition to making management of Marketplace Listings easier, sale of items that Merchants do not have the right to copy will now be supported with Viewer-Managed Marketplace.” 

In other words, we are finally done with MagicBoxes.

There is thank you offer form the Lab to those that have helped with VMM testing & migration: 3 months free premium membership. I’m not clear on the details of offer. The Lab is contacting those that participated. If you feel you have been missed, contact the Lindens you worked with during testing.

The Lab intends to get VMM viewer out as the main viewer as fast as possible. Since it takes about a month for a viewer to make it through RC to release, we are likely looking at 30 to 45 days.

If that is the case, we can expect the next release of Firestorm in the same time period. I am running into a number of Firestorm users that are having problems with the current 4.7.1. So, people looking for the next FS release.

RC Second Life Experience Viewer version – This viewer is said to be mostly feature complete. The hold up here is server side scaling. I heard no new information on scaling problems.

RC Second Life Big Bird Viewer version – No change

RC Maintenance Viewer version – This release is a collection of fixes. See the release notes for a list. It came out Friday, I think.

RC? Second Life Obsolete Platforms Viewer version – Probably not really appropriate to call this an RC viewer. No change.

Second Life Project Importer Viewer version _ I forget if this is the same as last week or has some new fixes.

Second Life Project OculusRift Viewer version – And still no update here. The Lindens are trying to get around to updating this one.

None of the RC viewers will promote in week 26. We likely won’t see a version promote until week 27.

In week 26 we should see the Oculus viewer update. Don’t count on that. We will see a new project viewer will new Vivox fixes from Vivox. That will hopefully fix some voice issues. Vivox has been working on some SL related fixes.

A project viewer with core changes to the HTTP protocol should appear in week 26.

I  project viewer with revamped notifications should apper.

A project viewer with CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework – replacement for WebKit) should appear too.

There are two active snowstorm viewer versions. These have third party contributions. We’ll see those coming out soon too. I think those will appear as RC viewers.

There will be an Avatar Rendering viewer, probably as an RC. Oz broke this viewer. It is the viewer that will have the render weight tools. The Jelly Baby avatar rendering currently renders an avatar invisible. Oz doesn’t claim to be a rendering wizard. He is having trouble figuring out what is wrong. Enough that he asked for help.

That Oz took this on personally I take as a sign of how much he would like to see it out there and how busy he has his people with other tasks.

You can find the code here:

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