Second Life Bits II Week 15

Large cyberattack was carried out via Google

This is making the news today as we find out Russian and Chinese hackers have been into and are in the White House computers. This looks to be a finger to Obama by the Russians after the President said he was making a big push for cyber security… yeah, secure this.

Google advertising pushed links to Engage Lab that used exploits in  Java, Adobe Flash Player, and Microsoft Silverlight to infect computers.

The attack lasted about 2 hours before Google detected it and shut it down.

Google Play Spy

The app Webpage Screenshot is apparently a spying program. A Swedish newspaper broke the story. Today Google is taking down the app and killing its ability to report to its master.

See: Google Chrome Extension Spying On You.

Adult SL Photography

Sex is a big part of art. And there is no exception for photographic art in Second Life. If you haven’t heard of Domino Dupre (NSFW) check out her collection of erotic imagery from Second Life on Flickr.

You’ll find her composing a regular collection of erotic imagery that is shown on The Sexiest: PornStars’ blog. (NSFW)

Windows Oculus Desktop

There is an app for that… Ben Lang writing for Road to VR has published: Latest Version of ‘Virtual Desktop’ is Here, The Free App That Makes Your Entire Windows Computer Oculus Rift-capable.

If you have an Oculus or Oculus like HMD, you can download Virtual Desktop and see what the future may look like. Get the links from within the article.

US Sanctions Hit Russian WoW Players

Would you have thought…?

Massively Overpowered is carrying a story about how US sanctions against Russia is hitting players in Crimea. See: Sanctions Force World Of Warcraft, Diablo Iii Ban In Crimea.

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